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Postby Butze » Mon 31. Oct 2016, 09:28

Map-Bug on Halloween map. You can go under the map.
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Re: ONS-Halloween

Postby Zon3r » Mon 31. Oct 2016, 14:49

Well i was thinking for a long time to make a thread about this map. I don't know if there was an edit to this map since jun, if you go through here (see picture) your vehicle gets stuck in the ground and there is no way of getting it out

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Re: ONS-Halloween

Postby Cat1981England » Mon 31. Oct 2016, 20:34

Thank you chaps.

I'll try and actually finish this in the near future and make the changes Peg listed last year as well as anything that is posted here.

So if anyone finds any more bugs, please post here with a screen shot (f9) :thumbup:
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