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Postby Dalyup! » Thu 22. Dec 2016, 16:36

Played this for the first time last night. It's certainly a pretty map and interesting in its design but I think it could do with some clarity to players on how to get from one level to another as it is awfully confusing the first time around (albeit many maps are like that but this one more so). Namely:

- Is there any way to indicate where a teleporter leads to, for example, a beam pointing to where the teleporter goes when the player is near it? Or something to that effect?
- Is there a way to add some particle effects to those barrels that help push mantas upwards à la those directional particles seen on jumppads?

I think more jumppads and teleporters would be nice in general too, but I think they need to indicate direction to be useful, at least first few times a around.

Also, those weapon lockers. I am all for weapon variety, but only a linkgun and grenade launcher (as found on two of the nodes) against primarily flyers? Not exactly helpful.

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Re: ONS-Iguazu

Postby Gaffer » Thu 22. Dec 2016, 17:27

I enjoyed the map as a source of a few laughs, but I don't think it can be easily salvaged without major changes. There are too many levels (imagine a multi-storey building) so you really don't know where the nodes are. I literally found the redeemer before finding any of the nodes. With that said, the environment was really nice; I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a map with a similar setting but easier to comprehend structure.

Also the lockers were bull. I don't really understand why we can't have full weapon lockers all the time, but at the very least a shock rifle + flack/rocket/avril should always be there.

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Re: ONS-Iguazu

Postby Cat1981England » Thu 22. Dec 2016, 19:40

I don't have any ideas. It's a stunning looking map, but once that novelty has warn off, you're only left with gameplay and this doesn't have any online :(

I would like to make a terrain based map at some point. So perhaps some of you have some ideas and could even draw up a basic outline of a map. We could then try and recreate the theme on top of something with good gameplay :thumbup:
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