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Stonewall petition

Posted: Wed 7. Jun 2017, 11:22
by RottenToTheCore
Zon3r wrote:Um, Rott, this is an ONS server, players here have been playing ONS for years, we do not have DM skills, and getting killed over and over by the same few DM players is not really fun, at least not for me, i do like DM maps from time to time, but not when i need to play several in a row, and if it pairs up with crushing defeat due to unbalance, it just leaves a very bad aftertaste

Yeah, and the huge majority of maps are ONS. So what?

widurr wrote:The same goes when you've been blown to shreds by a unskilled player in a mino few times in a row.


Yeah, i don't like tanks. They belong to ONS, like on big maps with tactical scenarios. From time to time even tankhaters like me jump into one to relax and point-and-kill.

But on the other hand: As much as you hate to be killed by NV-Players i hate vehicle-wise ridiculously designed maps like space cargo with mariomushrooms, vortexes and bender-projectiles randoming around killing you out of nowhere without any effort of the player that runs the vehicle. Or the old tyrant-middlenode spam when you jump down through the hole... there are lots of examples for bad tank placements that invite you to spawn/randomkill.

Stonewall petition

Posted: Wed 7. Jun 2017, 11:49
by Miauz55555
There is pro and cons on both. I like the NV-maps as well as the vehicle one. In a mix they are fine and it makes fun playing them. In a row they are not so cool, but when you have the right crowd. The maps also work best when you have the right number of players for it. Let's take the "RottenTank-Map" it's for 3 vs 3 or max 5 vs 5 and you need at least a litle tactic and teamwork to win. Complaining about "spam" when there are more that 10 players is not cool, because it's designed exactly like that. ;) Btw. is there any further feedback how to improve it?

Re: Stonewall petition

Posted: Mon 10. Jul 2017, 14:35
by [P]etya
I think it is written nowhere that ONS must have vehicles, after all there are DM maps which have vehicles too and they are classified as DM maps. NV maps don't go against the principals of ONS, because the primary objective is still the same. Furthermore, Stonewall was among the better NV maps and the better maps anyway. People just like NV maps because they tend to be small. Certain ONS maps are just too huge and getting from A to B could take a long time. And unfortunately these very maps tend to have vehicles which can destroy you with one shot. It's not fun to respawn far from your destination again because somebody just killed you out of the blue.

Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 20. Jul 2017, 16:27
by RottenToTheCore
[P]etya wrote:It's not fun to respawn far from your destination again because somebody just killed you out of the blue.

:smartass: ...with one mouseclick!

Stonewall petition

Posted: Mon 24. Jul 2017, 10:42
by Hawk
I like vehicles but thats just cause I am too lazy to walk around muhahaha

:lol: :yoman: :slurrp: