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Stonewall petition

Posted: Wed 5. Apr 2017, 15:48
by smalltown
We have enough dm shit on the server. If this one comes back. One of rail,spankjox,vk or foundry has to go

reflection remove that F***** savo island map and sput stone back.

Re: Stonewall petition

Posted: Wed 5. Apr 2017, 19:35
by Cat1981England
If Stonewall goes on it'll have to replace Bridge or SpaceCargo. These maps are in rotation alongside Grendel.

Re: Stonewall petition

Posted: Wed 5. Apr 2017, 21:12
by Zon3r
put stonewall back, Bridge can go, spacecargo is fun, savo is fun too

Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 6. Apr 2017, 15:45
by GLoups!
Doesn't spacecargo not very similar to impulze? Personally like this last one, very funny with stonewall of course.

Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 6. Apr 2017, 17:40
by ThunderCat
Cat1981England wrote:If Stonewall goes on it'll have to replace Bridge or SpaceCargo

Noo! Not Bridge and Cargo :O

Stone and Bridge are probably my #1 all time favourite maps -- so that would be quite the pickle -- with SpaceCargo (and a handful of others) in a close 2nd. I have a wide spectrum of favoritism -- it pretty much depends on my mood that day :lol:

Anywho ..

With that being said -- I'm pretty biased towards which map should go, and which map should stay .. (figuratively speaking)
But considering Bridge only recently got reintroduced back into the roster -- whilst SpaceCargo has been in the mix for quite some time -- I think it would be most fair if SpaceCargo goes :dunnosoz:

Edit: Just to be clear, this is purely shooting hoops with ideas -- and what I would pick personally. It was not my intention to imply that mine or anyone's preference should influence the roster setup in any way -- because if so there'd only be Bridge and Stone all day, every day :cool2cool: :lol:

GLoups! wrote:spacecargo not very similar to impulze?

If you're thinking about gameplay and overall flow -- then yeah I guess you're right :think:
But if you're thinking infrastructure-wise (as in almost a copy of the map aesthetically) -- do you mean Sektor9?

Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 6. Apr 2017, 20:57
by Cat1981England
I appreciate everyone giving their thoughts about a possible roster change, but this isn't down to mine, the admins or public opinion. It's the stats that dictate roster changes. This helps keep things impartial.

Thanks to the work of the editors, we have a large (and ever increasing) collection of maps to pick and choose from. This allows us to rotate maps to keep things interesting and/or as soon as they start to decline in popularity or affect the map immediately after.

Maps are changed "like for like" to maintain a balanced roster. So if Bridge starts to decline it'll be replaced by Stone or Gren, which alongside SpaceCargo are all competing for 2 spots on the roster. The same thing happens with "Spam map slot" DeathDome, Jailbreak, Sektor 9 and Spambox, or the mini-maps, Tabletop, Home-Sweet-Home, MyRoom and Basement-Home-Theater.

If we all had our say on what maps should stay or go, the map roster would slowly drift towards a single style of map. And a small warning for the people who would like Stone back on the roster, this drift would most likely head towards heavy-tank type maps ;) And it's the same reason why we will sometimes temporarily remove a popular map if it helps maintain a balanced map roster btw.

If people wish to see an old map back on the roster you should create a Zombie poll such as the one Small created here.

Re: Stonewall petition

Posted: Fri 7. Apr 2017, 00:50
by smalltown
can we have a test week like space cargo gone for one week just to see the priceless reaction of some (won't cite their names)...that map just lag everytimes I play it with a huge playercount. yesterday when we played it, the number of time i have seen spawnkillers trying to get the spider mine from our node itself and camping at the top and flaking everyone respawning (sorry could not screenshot it) at that node or using the jumppad to get to the side node opposite the middle one.

Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 27. Apr 2017, 16:13
by RottenToTheCore
Sometimes the arguments about not liking the popular NV-Maps like Bridge, Stonewall or Grendel to be on the server seem to me like a lame excuse of those who just don't like playing NV too much.

When you have a look into the roster you find 9 to 12 NV maps next to about 60 (!) maps with vehicles. So what's the big deal? Why do we discuss Bridge, Stonewall and Grendel for ages, while we never discuss many of the bigger vehicle maps? The answer seems obvious to me: Because too many people vote and like NV-Maps, while some bigger maps only run via botvote at night, right? But why not let the players play those NV-Maps then? :eh:

It's like you want to make us believe that there is no "space" anymore for a map like Bridge on the server next to shitloads of vehicle-maps.

Pro Stonewall, Pro Bridge. Those are fantastic playgrounds where NV-players can live and breathe and shoot.
Space Cargo seems to me a big random spamfest though (Vehicles, where no vehicles should be; Who drives huge off-road-vehicles inside?!?) and i won't shed a single tear about it when you kill it forever :mrgreen: .

Re: Stonewall petition

Posted: Thu 27. Apr 2017, 17:35
by Zon3r
Um, Rott, this is an ONS server, players here have been playing ONS for years, we do not have DM skills, and getting killed over and over by the same few DM players is not really fun, at least not for me, i do like DM maps from time to time, but not when i need to play several in a row, and if it pairs up with crushing defeat due to unbalance, it just leaves a very bad aftertaste

Stonewall petition

Posted: Fri 28. Apr 2017, 21:29
by widurr
Zon3r wrote: it just leaves a very bad aftertaste

The same goes when you've been blown to shreds by a unskilled player in a mino few times in a row.