Octotron_2000, SolaRola and Mud

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Octotron_2000, SolaRola and Mud

Postby Sernemissza » Sun 17. Jan 2016, 20:21

Today i saw the most disgusting 'conversation' what i ever saw on this game,
so i decided: i will not insert here the pictures directly,
but you can read what Octotron_2000 and SolaRola wrote.
I suggest watch over Octotron's buddy, who played with Mud nick. I didn't catch everything.
I kept (as i always do) the original files.

Time: 18:35 CE

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Re: Octotron_2000, SolaRola and Mud

Postby Cat1981England » Sun 17. Jan 2016, 22:35

Thank you Sern :thumbup:
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