-=V01D=- aimbot

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-=V01D=- aimbot

Post by terramerge » Tue 17. Nov 2020, 04:21

Had an aimbot (username: -=V01D=-) on the server this past weekend.
Was going to collect some more evidence before reporting it, but -=V01D=- just admitted to it in chat.
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-=V01D=- aimbot

Post by EmanReleipS » Tue 17. Nov 2020, 08:51

Thanks for the report, Terra, and welcome to the forum!

I've spectated this player extensively yesterday after similar comments in chat. I also got Dally's help (who is a much better player than I and knows what some players are capable of). His verdict is the same. It seems to us that they are simply a very experienced player with extensive knowledge of our maps.

Void will use all the pickups against you. An example was yesterday on Shipdock when Void had the relic of guns, super shield, and super health pickups. Any time Void's health ran low, they would go back to the pickups on the nearby ship. Combine that with the relic, Void was almost impossible to kill while killing the enemy team within seconds. This was aided by the enemy team (team sizes were small anyway because it was late) coming at Void one by one, not in groups.

Void has good aim, but is a DM player and will dominate on those maps. It is easier to see that they are not cheating on larger maps. To be fair, I had the same impression as you until I watched Void for several maps in a row. That being said, please do send us a demo if your own impression remains unchanged.

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-=V01D=- aimbot

Post by XpoH » Wed 25. Nov 2020, 17:45

Have a nice day.
I looked after him from the spectator-I agree, does not use crutches. However, standing with a super shock gun on the main generator, and shooting the revivalists is not good, and in my opinion pulls the ban. At the same time, the generator was closed - go and win back neighboring nodes! but no. And this is on two maps. BUT we play ONS, a team game, and the player does not come to build and capture nodes and play in a team, but to shoot for fun - the popularity of the server is good, there are a lot of "meat". You want to shoot-there is a server DM. These players appear on the server repeatedly. My opinion. @This is a translator, I do not speak English ;) @