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Posted: Sun 18. Jun 2017, 01:05
by Sernemissza

Hardspike is an admin on another server, and we have a guy, who's playing with hardspikeEatsd* nick.
I think he would feel humiliated if he discover that we let him be active here with a nick like this.

Can you talk with this guy?


Posted: Sun 18. Jun 2017, 05:21
by Cat1981England
We'll speak to this player as soon as we see them. Thanks for the heads up.


Posted: Mon 4. Sep 2017, 21:51
by joeblow
He was on today at 4:45 pm Captain gordons.


Re: hardspikeEats...

Posted: Sat 13. Jan 2018, 20:43
by joeblow
Still active....2:42 EST 1/13/2018 Syrma map.