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Posted: Sun 25. Mar 2018, 17:38
by SysX
Normally im not the type of guy to report someone but this dude is just annoying af, he doesnt play at all... just sit in spec calling ppl cheaters and what not....

His whole act is just distracting, constantly spewing his nonsense in the chat for games on end.


Posted: Sun 25. Mar 2018, 18:47
by Zon3r
He does that every night, with different names, likes using other players names with some modifications, usually just joins spec to make few comments and leaves, his main target is herz. i'm not 100% sure, but i think that's joeblow, at least it started with him (against herz)on stonewall. can't check it cause he never joins with these names at least


Posted: Sun 25. Mar 2018, 18:59
by EmanReleipS
Thanks for the information!

(It's not Joeblow.)

Re: Organic_air

Posted: Mon 26. Mar 2018, 23:05
by herz!nfuKced
My biggest fan! =)