E bola Sabatoge

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E bola Sabatoge

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Player E bola

Map Nevermore 1:30 PM EST

He did this a few weeks ago ruined a match on the same map but again today so I would thought report it.

Used the PPC sat at his own core and shot across the map thru the fog, Once his team started loosing he waffled around the core with the PPC died. Relogged unlocked a tank and a Palladan then logged out.

This is classic E bola game behavior for the past 15 years I have been playing with him of 4 separate ONS servers. As a DW Death Warrant ONS game server admin hes been on 200 game kick for this type of behavior. I know he prides himself on the highest win percentage so he knows to log out so the loss doesnt go against his win/loss stats. Unlocked vehicles at the core is an all new low. He unlocked and dumped the Mino the last time I was on. This is just hurting his teams chances of winning.


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E bola Sabatoge

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Thank you for the information!