Banned Players

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Banned Players

Post by laboRHEinz » Sun 21. Mar 2010, 10:16

Name & Reason
Chronos: Behaviour
vengeurfr{UNITY}: Cheating
I3ENJ1: Cheating
Player12: Cheating
LOKI: Cheating
Chieftac: Permant winning team switching, insulting ppl
Adolf_H1tler: Obvious, isn't it?
adm_arschloch aka ICH(D): insulting players and admin (me), permanently disregarding the server language, didn't turn off caps lock, tank laming etc etc
Lkz: Insulting muslims.
[*]Évangéline aka Mad_Max(Ger): Winning team switching & joining, insulting his own team, he always quits his team when losing.
God: Spamming obscene words
FunnyName: Impersonation Aimbotting (had 92% efficiency with a 180ms ping...)
KRISTKOS: Cheating
SniperKhan: Cheating
Lupo_Australi: Cheating
Sneaky-B'Stard: Cheating (botting)
Dudo / Jasmin: constant winning team joining & leaving the losing team
UnReal: triggering, wallhacking
drizzt: cheating
Corn_Hulio (, cheating
09/2011 Tamoren : cheating
stormer777: cheating
KOT: cheating
Claire_Grube!: Insulting, sabotage.
Effy: cheating.
TI{GY}: chronical unbalancing by winning team switching and idling.
11/2012 Sam : cheating.
02/2013 Player: cheating.
16/03/2013 86.121.26.* Killer: cheating. Adolf_Hitler
31/03/2013 hurenlochkeile: cheating.
31/03/2013 G: cheating.
31/03/2013 -.._._.-_-.._ : cheating.
16/04/2013 RarityDoucheBag: Racism, insulting.
25/04/2013 Hitler aka Adolf aka Fuhrer aka KimJongUn.
27/04/2013 :-]: cheating.
07/05/2013 NIGGERS=SHIT: racism and cheating.
07/06/2013 Ecksha: cheating.
29/07/2013 Joel: cheating.
18/08/2013 badoumbadi~23 aka t!_PuNcH*$: cheating.
26/08/2013 AzazelHD aka p!rra: cheating.
09/09/2013 Ape_Hunter: cheating.
21/09/2013 T-800: sabotaging, playing bad on purpose, insulting.
24/09/2013 Catriman: using a shady file version.
29/09/2013 GreyMan: cheating.
29/09/2013 PluMs: excessive base laming.
29/09/2013 Xerxes_Mom: Chronically unbalancing teams by leaving losing ones.
17/12/2013 / Vai_LT / Tiron_LT: cheating.
13/03/2014 OneMoreToke: Racism, trolling, idling.

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Banned Players

Post by Cat1981England » Fri 18. Apr 2014, 20:45

18/04/2014 UsedIllegalName18: Sabotaging and trolling.
21/04/2014 PowerPuffGirlz^^ and $Bl@ck$Dick$: Abusive language, trolling etc
23/04/2014 FoNdLe_FoE: trolling and base laming
06/05/2014 Baltic: Cheating.
29/06/2014 eat_*_and_die: Offensive language.
07/07/2014 MoN0_REbel: Cheating
06/08/2014 Sigzors: Cheating.
07/08/2014 *HD*ViiCe: Trolling. Second/final chance.
08/08/2014 Azazel: Repeatedly leaving the losing team. (Given another chance and started doing it again 10/11/2016).
07/09/2014 Hans: Repeated spawn killing/team sabotage.
21/09/2014 HackerFov: Cheating.
16/12/2014 Taint: Cheating.
16/02/2015 Cute-Lil-Fuqker: Overturned.
02/03/2015 Shak007: Cheating.
04/03/2015 fL@n@g@N: Overturned.
09/03/2015 lichReen Insults. Final chance.
03/04/2015 Player: Cheating.
09/04/2015 Chauncey: Cheating
20/04/2015 IDDQD: Offensive language. Second/final chance.
09/05/2015 SpraynPray(: Using dodgy file version.
16/05/2015 indiPlayer: Cheating.
22/05/2015 Pavlidiy: Cheating.
26/06/2015 JZS: Cheating.
10/10/2015 Fartron Overturned.
10/10/2015 I_m_Gay_and_suck: Abusive language and trolling.
18/10/2015 Parazite: Cheating.
29/12/2015 CHEETAH: Using dodgy files.
29/12/2015 Mr._J: Using dodgy files.
08/01/2016 Player* aka Corvus: Cheating.
04/02/2016 Random names: Trolling.
08/02/2016 DEXTER: Insults.
06/04/2016 Bluntman: Cheating.
22/04/2016 KMARTYYY: Using dodgy files.
18/05/2016 scierwo: Abusive language.
30/05/2016 Jasmin: Leaves every time her team is losing.
03/06/2016 RandomShootin: Insulting other players, leaving the losing team, team sabotage etc
10/06/2016 Bully: Abusive language.
21/06/2016 Ahv: Abusive language, team sabotage.
24/06/2016 LethalJay/I_Choose_You: Trolling, team sabotage, team killing etc Final chance.
27/06/2016 Freya_Czech: Using dodgy files.
04/07/2016 =DarkMoD-SP: Cheating.
06/10/2016 SkyNet: Team sabotage etc
30/12/2016 raven: Using dodgy file. Cleaned files.
02/04/2017 marbu: Offensive language.
06/09/2017 fL@n@g@n: regularly leaving losing teams - 1 week. Accountable admin: laboRHEinz Expired.
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Re: Banned Players

Post by EmanReleipS » Sun 14. Jan 2018, 22:54

14/01/2018 luke: Cheating.