{TaramTidam} aka CarBuna

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{TaramTidam} aka CarBuna

Post by smalltown » Wed 25. May 2016, 17:34


50 % sure this twat is the one who used the nick 'CarBuna' before then changed, cat, you can check the server logs he switches team every time he enters in game, and it's not the only server he is doing it, he did it on the ldg race/as server every single time. Surprised and disappointed no admin noticed that.......
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Re: {TaramTidam} aka CarBuna

Post by [P]etya » Thu 26. May 2016, 09:58

The admins and moderators aren't always on the server, so they can't do much about events which they didn't see. That's why you have the right to make a complaint about a certain players and the admins and mods will check the issue. It's the responsibility of the community to have quality games on the server. Also feel free to use the kick option, which should be improved, because it's not working well. :P

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Re: {TaramTidam} aka CarBuna

Post by Cat1981England » Thu 26. May 2016, 18:46

Ema very kindly went through some logs last night and it turns out this player shares a GUID with 50 other people including some on OMNI and RMD, so we can't go on that. Their IP address is from the same country but is not identical, so we must assume that they are different players.

We'll keep an eye out. Just out of interest, what map(s) did s\he do this on? because i didn't see in the logs any match in which and admin and this player was on?
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