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Re: Banned

Post by [P]etya » Sun 20. Nov 2016, 13:41

Don't want to revive this thread and no offense Zoner, but even in the past you used to do that from time to time. :P I even remember a single case on Dria, when I "spawnkilled" you (I was attacking the core), the link to the core was broken, so the core was shielded again, then you called me out that I was spawnkilling you intentionally and then when others disproved you, you started avenging this via intentionally spawnkilling me and others in my team.

I'm not saying that I'm saint either, there were issues with me too, but nobody is perfect, they make mistakes time to time, like spawnkilling. It just happens, on some maps it is inevitable, but it doesn't mean that they intentionally did what they did.