unfairly muted

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unfairly muted

Postby TESLA » Wed 18. Jan 2017, 20:40

Guiz, u all know me, u know i'm so pleased to play into CEONSS and to be "part" of something so cool to me.

Tonight i think i got unfairly muted by Gollum admin cause of his anger against the world.

I mean....i got muted for "Language-text spamming" just beacuse i texted: "babuska babuska babuska yayayayay" (x2)

i mean.... wtf !!!!!! ....why someone should be fvcking muted for this!!!??? this is not right. i'm really (x2) (should be careful now) disgusted and puzzled by this power abuse.

Plz make gollum understand people (me) don't want to troll him or make him angry .... just want to have fun even if it means texting the chorus of a good song....that is sometimes a good medicis to nervosism and sadness.

I would like to be unmuted so i can talk again with my gamefriends and have fun. asap

Yours sincerly


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Re: unfairly muted

Postby Miauz55555 » Wed 18. Jan 2017, 21:37

Hey Tesla,

first wrong section.. this is the right one.. I corrected that for you. ;)

He unmuted you right in the same season.. so don't cry to loud and take it as a warning. Also normaly the one who muted/ban you is the one who will lift it or say how long it shal last. Sure it is always the right way to make an appeal.. all who don't (and thats the majority) are clearly guilty. ;) But you should be nice and talk how you wish the relevant Admin talks to you. Also it's not a personal anger on someone just an action which is forced bye an other action.. normaly with one or two warnings before (I sometimes forget that warning thing :innocnt: ).
You also may want to reread the ServerRules.

When you want to sing during the game, you can use the Teamspeak Server.

So Tesla play fair and have fun. o:o

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Re: unfairly muted

Postby Cat1981England » Wed 18. Jan 2017, 22:15

Goll did also give you three warnings.

Tes, having a laugh and a joke is fine but sometimes it can get excessive :thumbup:
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Re: unfairly muted

Postby RottenToTheCore » Thu 19. Jan 2017, 18:04

On one hand this "punishment" is not too hard, on the other hand i believe that the admins - i love you golly, nothing against you in particular! - don't have an explicit set of rules about what behaviour is to be punished in which timeframe or frequency. In addition to that, it seems to me that it's also about sympathy, e.g. being "friends" with the admin and eventually about how you long you have played on the server so far.

I remember that one of my "best fellas" :crazy: was only muted after spamming for several weeks.

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Re: unfairly muted

Postby TESLA » Thu 19. Jan 2017, 22:26

sorry for the wrong place!

i understand what u are talking about but....
i want to say just one thing more.... first babuska has been texted during loading game....2 babuska was texted when the node was KABOOM!!!!
I know he unmuted me in the same season... i just wanted to tell u all this thing...that to me was really too strong and sounded like a power abuse!!
even if i am shurely a first experiencing gamer i fell like part of something here in ceonss...and feeling my happiness being thrown away like it happened was..... bah...i felt like a shit! (maibe because [quote="Cat1981England"]Goll did also give you three warnings. this didn't happened -.-)



cu in game!!!!

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