Map Voting System

Server setup, history & future

Do you want to revert to the normal map voting system or prefer this one?

Poll ended at Mon 28. Mar 2016, 04:12

Revert back to the old one
Prefer the current point based one
Total votes: 21

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by Miauz55555 » Fri 25. Mar 2016, 00:19


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Re: Map Voting System

Post by lichReen » Fri 25. Mar 2016, 14:06

My view hasn't changed. I would like it to be more democratic, but I see Cat's point of it, it gives more control to the mods etc so the same map isn't played over and over.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by Cat1981England » Sat 26. Mar 2016, 22:24

Final day tomorrow. Vote now or forever hold your peace.
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Re: Map Voting System

Post by joeblow » Tue 12. Apr 2016, 22:48

Well true to form 3 people voted Valerna at 11:30 EST and played a few mins and all 3 logged out.

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Map Voting System

Post by Joustin_Beaver » Tue 23. Apr 2019, 20:50

Cat1981England wrote:
The repeat rate has gone from 20 to 29 and that's already pushing it to be honest. We did try having it higher at one point, but it tends to kill the server if at least one popular map is not available at all times.
I hate it. Revert it back to 20 please :(

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by EmanReleipS » Wed 24. Apr 2019, 06:47

It's at 27. If we lower it significantly like that, we're just going to be playing the same maps over and over again.