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Post by EmanReleipS » Sat 21. Mar 2020, 23:32

Gaffy reported the same issue with the map file itself. The map is on the server and redirect, but I can try reuploading it to see if that helps.

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Post by Pegasus » Sat 21. Mar 2020, 23:37

The problem with ONS-IMPULZE-V3-C-beta3 is that it has quite a long file trail of dependencies, so I had to go through each one to make sure they're all able to be DLed correctly - and they are. Specifically, it requires all of the following files:

- OnslaughtSpecials2_RNH.u
- Badgers_V2beta3.u, Flakwolf_TEX.utx, EONS-Scorpion_BETA3.u, Astrascorps_Tex.utx and CuddlyWheels_Mesh.ukx
- wgsvortexv3.u, wgstexone.utx, wgstexthree.utx, wgsinterface.utx, wgsvortxtra.usx, wgsvortpick.usx, wgsvortone.uax, wgsvortthree.uax, wgsextraone.ukx and wgsweptwo.ukx

Can you tell me which one your client mentions it's still downloading? Is it the map file specifically or one of those? Either way, I've reuploaded the whole thing here (compressed .rar archive, contains map plus 16 dependencies, 13.41MB). I trust you know how to deploy a map and move its assets to the game's proper subdirectories (uax files to Sounds, ukx files to Animations, usx files to StaticMeshes, utx files to Textures, u files to System).
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Post by Dalyup! » Tue 7. Apr 2020, 20:50

I had a look to see if all those dependencies were in the map pack and they were, so you should already have them if you downloaded the map pack.

I also took the time to update the map pack and map roster, so everything should be available now.