SpaceJox vs. SpankJox

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Which variant of this map would you prefer if CEONSS could only host one?

ONS-SpaceJox (either SP2 or SP4beta3)
Total votes: 5

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SpaceJox vs. SpankJox

Postby Pegasus » Fri 27. Jan 2012, 22:33

We here at CEONSS Labs pride ourselves in our enormous UT knowledge and unwavering dedication in delivering a (theoretically) proven optimal ingame experience to our test subj-, erm, to our players! No experiment is too ludicrous or too bloody in the name of gameplay innovation and spam science; eyeball power nodes, tentacled weapon lockers, it's all good if it passes the vomit test and it's not a federal inspection day.
But every once in a while even our vast army of [s]untrained[/s] eager volunteers and misunderstood "academics" can't prevent us from hitting a (liability) snag with an issue and that's where you come in, dear dedicated [s]addicts[/s] followers! By providing us with your valuable input on potentially equal choices, we can help you help us offer you the best, most legally defensible multiplayer experience you're ever likely to know. Isn't that swell?
So, starting today a series of polls will be appearing in this section where you can tell us what kind of maps or other server features you'd prefer to see CEONSS use between various candidates/options and why. Now, we're likely to be paying more attention to detailed commentary in posts explaining your opinions, of course, rather than to the dry poll numbers themselves (or the ingame chat messages) so please try to provide some justification or reasoning to your votes, even if it's just a couple of lines.

A friendly reminder to older CEONSS Labs product users: Saturdays are tort lawsuits merging day. Why not grab your attorney and head down to our (subterranean) Hamburg headquarters to find out how we can both benefit from joining any previously pending litigation between us? It could be fun!

Now then, today's poll is pretty self-explanatory. [Proceeds to explain poll anyway...]

For more than a month now, CEONSS has replaced the older SpaceJox map in its roster with a more fresh and slightly different take on it, namely SpankJox. The reason both maps didn't just end up being side by side in the map list is that it's been made clear by now that further lengthening the roster is not a good idea for the server's longterm health. This means that for most popular maps without a clearly optimal version from now on, reality is gonna become a disjunctive choice between version A and version B; we won't have both. Since even when discussing the SpaceJox vs SpankJox topic amongst us we haven't been able to decide which one serves the community best, it's time for you to tell us. Which one is better and why? Which one should we keep? Get in here and do your thing.

Thanks for helping us keep CEONSS a great european ONS server, see you all ingame.

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