Link gun and other weapons/vehicles sounds

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Link gun and other weapons/vehicles sounds

Postby SpaceEngineer » Tue 16. Oct 2012, 22:15

I have noticed that on some servers Link gun alt-fire sound is less loud than default. I guess this is done by some mutator. It would be nice to have it on CEONSS. Default sound is too loud, it makes impossible to hear enviroment, and forces me every time playing in headphones - this loud sound is very annoying to surrounding.

I wonder if this mutator allows to reduce loudness Manta and Raptor plasma gun sound. For me, Link gun, Manta and Raptor is most common sounds in ONS (the first is obvious, the second and third is because I prefer these fast vehicles, but destroying the node requires a shooting at the long time). And especially I want to fix Cicada's laser turret sound - it is tooo loud for gunner.

Also I guess everyone noticed huge bug with Badger's minigun turret - it's bullets makes NO sound then hitting the target. You may fly in a Raptor and suddenly found yourself dead - some guy in the Badger shooting you, but you don't hear it and continue your mission, not paying attention on magically decreasing healthbar. I wonder if this bug may be fixed with some mutator by fixing sound files, or it is a bug in the Badger's code. If the last is true, it probably cannot be fixed... As long as Badger is not default vehicle, it's code gets copy/pasted in the every map where it used. But maybe it is possible to write a code that checks all vehicle factories in the map and if found a Badger, updates it's code.

EDIT: I've probably found there the Badger's bug is. In the script BadgerMinigunTracer.uc, in the function SpawnParticle, there is these lines:

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         if ( FRand() < 0.5 )

This code should play randomly the sound Impact3Snd or Impact7Snd. But sounds seems to be described in abnormal way, there are no package name. Right description should be like these:

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BExplosion3 is a sound file name, WeaponSounds is a package name.

I can't figure out in which package these files (Impact3Snd and Impact7Snd) might be. There is a package called Badger_Sound, but it have no these sounds.

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