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New Hitsoundz!

Postby laboRHEinz » Wed 5. Dec 2012, 19:13

Hey all,

greetings from my vacations! :D Actually, they're no real vacations to be honest, but only "UT-vacations" :p

I'm using this leisure for getting some things settled which partly were pending already for a long time. For instance, I've recently installed new hitsounds. Here's the rationale why and some hints of how to have them configured:

The old hitsounds actually were just fine but ... had some flaws as well. First of all, they were abusing another mutator's name (the "Wormbot") in order to keep the server whitelisted, by simply hiding behind it. Problem was, any player having the original Wormbot installed couldn't join the server without stumbling across and having to clear the inevitable file conflict. To be honest, I was pretty much surprised at so few complaints referring to this actual severe issue. The second shortcoming was, the old hitsounds couldn't be turned off. Well sure, most of us were appreciating the hitsounds anyway. Still, there were at least some players asking for the possibility to turn them off. That wasn't possible as yet (at least I didn't find a way client-side).

Now finally, we have the solution: Wormbo was so kind to give me another, advanced hitsounds-mutator. Here's both the description and the configuration instructions:

Code: Select all

UTPlus Standalone Hitsounds
by Wormbo (Website:

UTPlus Standalone Hitsounds is a mutator that plays different sounds when you hit things. Available hit sounds are enemy player, teammate, enemy vehicle, enemy objective and empty vehicle. Hit sounds can be restricted to hits you actually see (i.e. no hit sounds for blind fire around corners) and the sound pitch varies to tell the approximate magnitude of the damage you caused.

As a client you can freely pick the hit sounds you want to hear and you can turn off variable hit sound pitch even if the server has it enabled. These options are not exposed to any GUI or console command, but in your User.ini you will find a section [Client UTPlusSettings] after playing on a server with the UTPlus Standalone Hitsounds. It provides the following settings:

HitSoundNames (multiple lines):
A list of available hit sounds for use in the following settings. If you want to specify additional sounds not contained in the UTPlusStandaloneHitSounds package, you will have to provide the full name in the form PackageName.GroupName.SoundName, where the GroupName part is optional, depending on how the package containing the sound is structured. Use UnrealEd to browse or create sound packages.

Zero-based index into the HitSoundNames for the enemy player hit sound (-1 = disabled, 0 = first sound in the list, 1 = second, etc.).

Zero-based index into the HitSoundNames for the enemy vehicle hit sound.

Zero-based index into the HitSoundNames for the empty vehicle hit sound.

Zero-based index into the HitSoundNames for the friendly fire hit sound.

Zero-based index into the HitSoundNames for the enemy objective hit sound.

How loud hit sounds are supposed to be. (0.0 = off, maximum = 2.0)

Whether you want to use variable pitch to indicate the amount of damage. Variable pitch is only available if the server provides the corresponding information.

As you see, on top of just solving the problems mentioned above, it is also providing some further features like the possibility of setting any hitsound you like. I mean: ANY sound. For example, I'm convinced some of you always, deeply wished to hear your own personal, heavily compressed but otherwise melodic thunderfart each time you hit an opponent. That's no problem at all anymore, just grab a microphone, record & convert this and you'll have it hehehe.

Well, bad jokes aside, I honestly think it's a great improvement. Been searching for a decent hitsounds-mutator like this one for long! Hope you're as happy with it as I am ;)

Thank you, Wormbo!

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