Possible CEONSS maps

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Re: Possible CEONSS maps

Post by laboRHEinz » Fri 14. Mar 2014, 22:31


Size & design suited for:
+ low player counts (1-11): well doable, distances are short enough
+ average player counts (12-22): decently designed for up to ~20 players
- high player counts (23-32): too few nodes and a bit too small

o not quite symmetric design, especially the middle section
- z-axis usage: mostly only one level, hills are partly unaccessible to foot-players

Nodes, link setup:
+ simple & clear node layout, based on terrain design
+ cutoff possibility is given
+ no choke nodes
o average amount of hops from core to core

Desirable playstyle plurality:
o on foot play is possible but underprivileged (e.g. no jumppads), although the woods offer some nice hidings
o sniping is doable, Lightning Guns and Sniper Rifles are available. However, decent sniper spots are a bit hard to access sometimes
- node defence: open nodes areas, reachable from afar
+ super weapon: one Redeemer existent
+ flyers
+ wheeled vehicles
+ tanks

Undesirable playstyle encouragement:
+ vehicle camping is not to be presumed due to the map's rather open design
+ excessive sniping is unlikely: only few weapons & spots
- base laming is probable: easy to access, reachable even from afar, several rewarding targets i.e. vehicles to spoil
+ weapon spamming shouldn't be a problem as there are no narrow areas

Weapon & vehicle choice & balance:
- insufficient weapon lockers
o vehicle amounts at nodes & bases are acceptable, at least according to the map size. Nonetheless, some more variety would be needed.
+ the strongest vehicles (tanks) are well placed at bases & middle side nodes
+ flyers vs. anti-aircraft looks alright: both flyers and Avrils equally at hands
+ the (only) super weapon, the Redeemer, has to be earned
- the Redeemer isn't located centrally, one side can access it way easier than the other
- only few special pick-ups, mainly at nodes also, map exploring gets boring soon without any pick-ups elsewhere
+ no dominating vehicles

Aesthetic aspects:
- the overall look is grey, sallow and monotonous. Agreed, according to this map's theme it's understandable but still
+ the lighting is mostly acceptable
+ neutral colour theme, there's no favoured team
- low resolution background stars picture
- no special effects, no unique ideas

Performance / Resources:
+ no extra downloads / file dependencies
+ no framerate issues

While this map probably provides proper and relatively balanced ONS-gameplay, also several playstyles, it's still somehow unremarkable. Mainly due to its mediocre terrain design and look. It doesn't stand out from other average ONS-maps a bit, it's too unspectacular :thumbdown: