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Bot Skill

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Novice: 25% damage, 60% movement speed, won't move during combat, 30° field of view, aim can go up to 30° off target, turns less than 180° per second.

Average: 40% damage, 70% speed, little better accuracy, turns a bit more than 180° per second.

Experienced: 55% damage, 80% speed, uses Translocator, strafes during combat, 40° field of view, turns more than 180° per second.

Skilled: 70% damage, 90% speed, can double jump, field of view 60°, turns approx. 225° per second.

Adept: full damage, full speed, tries to dodge incoming fire, tries to get closer during combat, if using non-hitscan weapon then "leads" aiming, field of view 80°, turns nearly 270° per second.

Masterful: uses Impact Hammer to jump higher, uses shock combo, changes target during combat, in Onslaught it will repair powernodes before leaving, field of view 100°, turns approx. 315° per second. This is as close as it can get to a real human opponent - higher skill bots are considered bots that cheat.

Inhuman: tries to dodge enemy aim, field of view 120° without distance limits, bails out if an incoming AVRiL will destroy the vehicle, turns around in less than one second.

Godlike: aim goes less than 1° off target, 360° field of view without line of sight limitations (meaning it sees the whole map at all times), turns around in less than 0.5 seconds.