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Post by [P]etya » Thu 23. Jan 2014, 17:42

So it is me again. I'd like to suggest to add Brighskins to the server. Brightskins would make the characters more visible and it would be essential for some darker maps, where you can't even recognize your teammates and the enemies.. Before somebody would tell me that "lol set the gamma higher" I'd like to make something for sure: it doesn't help at all. In fact it makes things worse. The light effects become eye hurting. Furthermore it makes the shinier maps even shinier.

I think it wouldn't hurt the gameplay.

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Re: Brightskins

Post by Wormbo » Thu 23. Jan 2014, 17:52

Brightskins will make the server non-standard. An alternative is the "Enable Player Highlighting" setting, which adds a glow around distant player.

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Re: Brightskins

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- » Sun 26. Jan 2014, 22:47

''essential for some darker maps, where you can't even recognize your teammates and the enemies''

I have never had this problem, maybe there is something wrong down your end?. Bright skins are cool but i don't see any need for them on CEONSS. :greengrin:


Re: Brightskins

Post by [P]etya » Fri 31. Jan 2014, 21:11

Perhaps... Perhaps not... :P :greengrin:

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Post by Miauz55555 » Thu 11. Jan 2018, 22:07

If you cant see the little player glow (candle up ass .. enable player highlights) on the ceonss-server it's may because you have a line in your *ini which isn't there bye default.
Go to your USER.ini and your UT2004.ini and search for the line "bNoCoronas" than change the value to false.

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