Thank you, Cat!

Server setup, history & future
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Re: Thank you, Cat!

Post by Dalyup! » Tue 29. Jul 2014, 01:03

Please receive my molten hot regards. If not for all you lovely people, there would be a gaping hole in my soul that could only be filled by a great ONS server.

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Re: Thank you, Cat!

Post by Karma_geddon » Tue 29. Jul 2014, 14:40

There's nothing that I could add to what I've already said in the threads about Heinz's retirement and the announcement for the new staff members.
I believe that all I could say here, is that I'm *grateful*. Grateful to who managed to create and maintain this server in the past years (Heinz), and to who decided to work hard to keep it runnin' and rockin' today (Cat); and of course to all the members of the staff (past, old and new).

This is a precious place on the Internet. There are not a lot of them.

Thank you :D
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Re: Thank you, Cat!

Post by pull0$ » Tue 29. Jul 2014, 14:49

Thx again to all you ppl that put all this time and effort for this thingy :cheers: