Map Voting System

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Do you want to revert to the normal map voting system or prefer this one?

Poll ended at Mon 28. Mar 2016, 04:12

Revert back to the old one
Prefer the current point based one
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Re: Map Voting System

Post by joeblow » Sat 5. Mar 2016, 19:31

The map rotation I feel the good maps are already been played by the time the server hits full capacity and were just picking from the bottom of the list by that time.

As far as the voting I am truly 50/50 on it.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by Dalyup! » Sun 6. Mar 2016, 22:53

I'm personally against it for the same reason as Nark, but considering the statistics Cat has given I would say it's in the server best interest to keep the current voting system for the map diversity. The trend of the same type of map being played one after another is unfortunate but I think that tended to happen with the old system anyway, maybe not as much.

Popular maps will always get voted, but some players might like rather different maps and I would prefer a voting system that allowed more overall diversity.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by s°rcery » Tue 8. Mar 2016, 00:29

Prefer the current point based one score, I see the old systèm on Omni & this is bad/unfair, CEONSS (score) is more intelligent & atypical!
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Re: Map Voting System

Post by Miauz55555 » Thu 10. Mar 2016, 17:32

I just throw this link from the discussion about pro and cons in here:

"Map voting"

My personal opinion from about three months ago is written there as well. I could add that when I vote with the score based one, what is not so often, I try to make a mix from the maps. So one tank map, then a deathmatch map and after that one which is more classic ons. And when I vote for a map I like and get it and have a higher score I prefer either to vote not or to vote for the map which is asked by someone.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by EmanReleipS » Thu 10. Mar 2016, 22:19

To be honest I really dislike the new system. Since I balance a lot and it's not always possible to switch to the other team (and to thus keep my votes), I usually end up with either none or a negligible number of votes. I won't stop balancing because I'm an admin, but I can see this new system discouraging other players from balancing teams if it means having to switch to spectating. I tried hard to get more players to balance, but I feel this system is hurting us in that regard.

It's nice that more different maps get voted for now, but the down-side to this is the same as to the accumulation voting mode: When a small number of players can dominate the voting process, chances are that the majority of players, who didn't want the next map, will just leave when it comes on. So it might just mean a trade of more maps being played but with fewer players on the server overall.

I also don't want this to cause a rift between the high-scoring players, who always get the maps they want, and the players with lower scores, who feel their votes are meaningless.

I'd rather have the old one-vote-per-person system back. This new voting system hasn't convinced me in the couples of months it's been on.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by [P]etya » Fri 11. Mar 2016, 08:09

Voted for reverting back.

The idea was nice and may have had some sort of effect on the maps, but as I have seen the effect was little as people kept playing the same maps. I can't blame them, certain maps are better than the others.
It also became harder to get more votes as the number of voters didn't increase. High scrorer players can be way too decisive, because the only way to win the voting is teaming up against them, which only works in theory, as people keep voting other maps too and as I said only the relative minority votes. Just imagine two high scoring players casting their votes on a map. Basically the two of them decide which map the other players should play. Well you don't need to imagine it, it happened a few times.

It was a nice experiment. It had its positive and negative effects, but I think the positive effects are completely negligible compared to the negative effects.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- » Fri 11. Mar 2016, 20:15

I will not be voting but would like to share my thoughts.

First, I think a missed question by players here is not 'it sucks' why have you changed it, but rather what engouraged the change to the voting system.

As with the majority of players, I myself was rather pessimistic about this new system, but have witnessed one already documented change, which i find to be the main pro of this new system, and that is more variety in the maps chosen amongst players. With the previous system, the groups of players that perfer to vote for popular maps, such as many NV maps, generally always win. I have found that the maps chosen with this new system are more varied which clearly indicates that this trend of 'popular' maps being played is discouraged by a higher scoring player who wants to play a different map.

There's obviously cons and pros to any map voting system. Every person has an opinion so naturally some players are enjoying this new system and some players are not. As already pointed out, this poll/thread and the players voiceing their opinions is really only a very, very small percentage of the player base. In my opinion, the result of this poll which currently 15 players have voted on should not be gathered as a substantial view of players thoughts in which decides what system will be used, but merely food for thought for management. Regardless of what map is voted, there will always be players upset by the map of choice in-game, vocal or not. 'The map i voted for didnt win, fack you to every one who voted otherwise' That type of behaviour is evident in all games, not just UT. So really, whatever map voting system is used in the near future, whether it be the old system or the brand new one, there will always be opinions. Might be stating the obvious here but oh well.

The main problem i see is similar to [P]etya's last point. It may or not be the intention of the player but becomes a possibility. With this new system, players have the chance to mischievously vote when given the upper hand on voting. Manipulation. Manipulation is given to the higher scoreing players that are consistant in their score. This is my main issue and to counter that i would wish for a system where all players can only vote with their score once for a map. For instance, a player places 254 votes for a certain map, that player should not be able to manipulate voting by throwing their bloody score around.
EmanReleipS wrote:but I can see this new system discouraging other players from balancing teams if it means having to switch to spectating.
Personally i think a player who genuinely cares about fair game and balances as a result, doesn't mind losing score by going to spec or any other means. But to your average player your point is most likely true.
Reini wrote:I find this system well because I'm getting them to be better to get more voting, there is a good incentive to practice. And one day
I'll sometimes over 100 points come to select a map. :dancegal:
A prime example of a good side to this new system. You earned them points, Reini.

But not all players do earn their score. Dependent on the player, some play unfair whilst tank camping ect. and get loads of points. In my opinion players who wrongfully accumulate points should not have the upper hand in voting. This ties right in with my point about being mischievous.

But then on the flip side not every player is consistent in their performance during a match, mainly aimed at the average ons player. They could perform really well in a map, and in my opinion, they deserve the points they have accumulated, and in turn with this new system, deserve to have more a say on which map is played next.

As with all map voting systems, most of this is player orientated and not necessarily the system itself. I mean both system do the same thing. If the new voting system is cleary making an improvment in map varity, which, in my opinion is one hallmark of CEONSS, that should be considerd highly by everyone, not just mangement.

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by joeblow » Fri 11. Mar 2016, 21:02

I'm thinking along what was discussed on Omni (wormbo thread) on stats.

You win your match you get your stats AND your votes,vote.

You loose you go sit in the corner. you get zeros

I bet we will see a few nodes being built,(few less head shots), and I dont mean the easy nodes........ Ebola

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Re: Map Voting System

Post by Cat1981England » Sun 20. Mar 2016, 22:45

EmanReleipS wrote:So it might just mean a trade of more maps being played but with fewer players on the server overall.
For the record, E is right, this has hurt the player numbers. Whether that's a price worth paying though is up to you lot :thumbup:
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Re: Map Voting System

Post by joeblow » Tue 22. Mar 2016, 08:06

Well I voted to keep the points system.

I thought back about it and on DW server there were some that would vote a map a really unpopular map and then logout (/ragequit) in the next few minutes just to sabe the server.There game participation was limited. Based on this experience I think the score based is better.