Map Voting System

Server setup, history & future

Do you want to revert to the normal map voting system or prefer this one?

Poll ended at Mon 28. Mar 2016, 04:12

Revert back to the old one
Prefer the current point based one
Total votes: 21

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Re: Map Voting System

Postby Miauz55555 » Fri 25. Mar 2016, 00:19


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Re: Map Voting System

Postby lichReen » Fri 25. Mar 2016, 14:06

My view hasn't changed. I would like it to be more democratic, but I see Cat's point of it, it gives more control to the mods etc so the same map isn't played over and over.

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Re: Map Voting System

Postby Cat1981England » Sat 26. Mar 2016, 22:24

Final day tomorrow. Vote now or forever hold your peace.
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Re: Map Voting System

Postby joeblow » Tue 12. Apr 2016, 22:48

Well true to form 3 people voted Valerna at 11:30 EST and played a few mins and all 3 logged out.

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