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Re: Stonegate

Post by widurr »

so what's going on with the Stonewall? It was suppsed to be removed, but we just played it (pity Gaff you missed it). The node connection layout seems different though, but better. Now it's not that easy to flank an enemy.
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Re: Stonegate

Post by Cat1981England »

Yep it's back on. Just needed a couple of days :thumbup:
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Re: Stonegate

Post by lichReen »

-Nick- wrote:
lichReen wrote: It's not quite DM'ing as one might say
lichReen wrote:You're actually fighting with an objective at hand

Nothing to do with not useing vehicles or not likeing vehicles in my opinion. A proper DM player will completely disregard destroying or constructing a node just to shoot at players, even jump out of vehicles if they see a particular player or a large group. I've even seen it mid constructing when the enemy is miles away, then i and who ever else will get over ridden cause half the team we were with constructing has ran off chasing people. A stereotype of a DM player is that they are good at killing people and for some reason whilst playing ONS that's regarded as a DM style of play, load of crap. It's only when they don't play the objective that's the case and let's face it alot of players regardless of 'DM' skill do not play the objective. There's only a handful good killers who are good ONS players, at least to what i regard as a ONS player and you do not have to be a good killer or use vehicles to be a great ONS player. In my opinion a player who is fantasic at killing people but completely disregards the objective is the worse type of player and i'de trade them for any one who plays the objective regardless of skill. I've had some jip over the years for my play style, people will lable me as a DM player or as some one who 'only joins NV maps' utter rubbish in my opinion and i think people who say things like that to anyone should look at what type of 'ONS' player they are, then talk.
Agree totally. A DM player wouldn't give a toss about the Obj. They wouldn't build nodes, watch the map, or heal vehicles. They'd only care about sweeping the area of enemy combatants. They would be a total waste of space, who doesn't help the team at all.

So this misconception, dare I say even dislike of players who pose more of a threat whilst on foot is quite sad. You don't see frontline soldiers i.e. "DM players" complain about tank hogs, or I have never heard anyone from that line of work say "there's too many vehicles in this map". We just get on with it. You gotta take the rough with the smooth. In fact I see killing vehicles on foot a welcome challenge :))

Bottom line lets do what's best for the server, but all this hate for certain on foot players who like a no vehicle map every now and then, and quite happily accept that such maps are and should be the minority in the map list, is rather childish in my humble opinion.
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Re: Stonegate

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

Gaffer wrote:Jailbreak; every time I play that map I never have time to take duels, its just constant node destroy, node build, node destroy, node... I end up with 200+ scores with only 20 kills.
Focus on the nodes being constructed and attacked rather than instigating duels. Simultaneously not worrying about your K/D. That is a good ONS player. You should be all over a map, constructing here, defending there, all over man, own the map.

If your bothered about kills then jailbreak is actually one of the best maps to get 50-0+, depending on the player count. Time the health kegs and sheilds, and also if your're a noob, the relics, particularly the regen. Time the redeemers as well, be a pussy and don't aggressively be looking for duels. Sit back and pick off the people actually playing the objective. GG.

EDIT: Spelling and context :eh:
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Post by RottenToTheCore »

-Nick- wrote:Definitely, but most don't showcase this. The worst at the moment for me is Jailbreak and Spacecargo.
I agree. I think, that those two are pure spamfests including point and luck for those, who don't want to put effort into the game, like camping with a vehicle while eating dinner. In addition to that, Spacecargo gives me extreme framedrops.

I can't understand why Bridgeoffate and Stonewall should ever be removed - as long there is a consensus that DM-Maps GO with the server - as both are excellent open maps on which you need good movement and aiming skills and get nothing for free. Rail also ranks among those two, unfortunately it is still not very good performance wise (fps-drops).

Foundry always makes me kind of depressed. Dunno why. And it suffers the same issue like, say, Jailbreak and it's middle bridge: The middle node position from where you can easily shockcombo those who come from the core.

Sektor 8 is a TOTAL DESASTER performance-wise. It is fun with 10 players, but unplayable with more. The fps-drops are ridiculous, in particular when somebody starts this fancy vortex thingy.

I overplayed Pandemonium and Maelstrom, so i have no opinion on those atm.

My vote for Stonewall Bridge and Rail. Not that you wouldn't already know ;).