hi to one an all

Who is who on CEONSS
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hi to one an all

Postby Mad_Knight » Mon 16. Apr 2018, 20:34

hi .... ONS warriors this is my handel for all UT04 servers , place me on you buddy list for good games

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Re: hi to one an all

Postby Hyden » Mon 16. Apr 2018, 20:53


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Re: hi to one an all

Postby Miauz55555 » Mon 16. Apr 2018, 21:00

Finaly a real Knight, wellcome to CEONSS forum. You may want to join the Steam Group and the awesome discord channel as well.
Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CEONSS
Discord-Invite-link: https://discord.gg/X4V8THM
GT: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ... .200:7777/

Have fun and play fair.

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hi to one an all

Postby ThunderCat » Tue 17. Apr 2018, 06:50

Deus vult! ^

Welcome MK! :wave:
I've noticed a knight in shiny armor on the battlefield recently
Glad you made your way to the forums :thumbup:

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hi to one an all

Postby Hawk » Wed 18. Apr 2018, 14:19

Hello Knight and welcome to the server and forum :dancegal: :yippiiieh: :yoman: :welcomewagon:
Free as a bird

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