Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby [P]etya » Thu 28. Feb 2019, 13:29

I checked the original post, because I know hungarian, and I can confirm that he is unfortunately no longer among the living; they found him.

May he rest in peace.

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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby widurr » Thu 28. Feb 2019, 21:59

Thanks for the info, though I'd rather stay oblivious of that fact and pretend he might be happy somewhere remote. I'm gonna miss him on the server (I actually quite often missed him anyway, that dodgin' son of a gun) :(

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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby {ESG}*Sokaris* » Tue 5. Mar 2019, 21:04

Oh no... :( I enjoyed the game when he was online... nice guy, good memories. May his soul rest in peace! :(
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby joeblow » Sat 9. Mar 2019, 17:18

Very sorry to hear this ....I did really think of him as my brother. Very sad for his family.

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Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby Cat1981England » Sun 24. Mar 2019, 16:22

Very sorry to hear about this :(

Zoner did a great deal for the server over the years helping out with various maps and always made the server a much more entertaining place when he was on!

RIP Zoner
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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby loucast » Mon 25. Mar 2019, 21:16

I'll remember him as the vocal guy who called out on any unfair behavior with a strong sense of conviction but at the same time was also kind and chill person to be around at his best. I didn't know his as much as I'd like and had a crack at him every now and then but boy do I regret it now. Hope he's chilling on the other side now in hard earned peace.

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Re: Zon3r :( R.I.P. to a gaming friend

Postby Droopy_Bollocks » Sun 31. Mar 2019, 23:44

First chance I've had to comment having been away.

It's very sad news, I'll miss him. He could be a grumpy geezer but that came from frustration with others I think and I can relate to that.

As a player he was extremely skilled, even on his bad days he would wipe the floor with me but I'd enjoy it, much like Widdur and Gaffer, you enjoy getting your ass kicked by them and speccing him taught me more than a few tricks.

I won't delve into the reasons leading to his passing, prefer to think of him fragging fine players without even really trying.

RIP Zon3r - you'll be missed matey

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