Hi i'm Mayv!n

Who is who on CEONSS
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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Mayvin » Sat 20. May 2017, 16:55

Ola guys,

My name comes from Maven. Some call me Marvin or May, Michael is my real name. I'm 34 years old German/Pacific guy living in the North of the Netherlands.

I played the game in 2004 and a few years ago i was reinvited to it by mr.blawb. It's the only shooter i really liked. I only play ceonss and love the DM :cool2cool:. I'll stay for Bridge, Rail, Spif, Spank, Stone.. and im waiting for Grendelkeep :yoman: operator!

I like gaming with you guys. Shoot you soon!

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by EmanReleipS » Sat 20. May 2017, 18:20

Marvin! Nice to see you found your way to the forum! :welcomewagon:

Always fun playing with you! See you on the server!

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Cat1981England » Sat 20. May 2017, 19:54

Hey Mayvin, welcome to the forum :wave:
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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Miauz55555 » Sat 20. May 2017, 20:17

Hi Mayv!n,

allways fine to snipe against you.

Play fair and have fun!

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Hawk » Sun 21. May 2017, 08:15

Hello Mayvin alias Michael :) I live in Belgium myselve, country of beer and fries :lol:

Welcome on the forum and server :yoman:
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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Gaffer » Sun 21. May 2017, 18:09

I shall call you.....'Mave', cause it sounds like rave and as everyone knows, i'm a party animal :think:

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Hyden » Sun 21. May 2017, 19:32

Welcome, I'll try to hold them back, Now run, it's a trap!!! :machinegun: No seriously, welcome! :welcomewagon:

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by ThunderCat » Mon 22. May 2017, 15:34

Hello Mayv!n! :wave:

Welkom tot de forums! :D

Have some cookies and milk!
Yes I know you have been around a long time because I recognize your name from way back when .. :think:
And I don't know why -- but your name always reminds of the title of that South Park episode -- "Starvin' Marvin". :lol:

Anyhoots --
Cya out there :wave:

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Re: Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by N4rkoT1k » Wed 24. May 2017, 11:22

Hi there and welcome to the server!

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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Post by Sernemissza » Sat 10. Jun 2017, 05:57


Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you are with us! ;)