Yes, its me

Who is who on CEONSS
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Re: Yes, its me

Post by TESLA » Wed 25. Oct 2017, 08:58

Hi PrincessP,
i will defart you!

cu in game as soon as fartible

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Yes, its me

Post by widurr » Wed 25. Oct 2017, 20:02

welcome PP :) nice to have you on the forum


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Re: Yes, its me

Post by Droopy_Bollocks » Thu 16. Nov 2017, 23:41

Welcome PrincessP!

I don't come here often but since Em mentioned it I'd thought I'd better check in and see what and who is new :-)

Good crew of regulars on this server and some serious UT talent, enjoy :-)

Don't bother asking - I won't answer.

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Yes, its me

Post by Xac » Mon 20. Nov 2017, 16:50

Hello Princess P! Welcome to the forum :D
princesspenguina wrote:
Requests for photographs will be met with heavy disdain and a raised eyebrow.
There is no need, there are pictures of you all over the web:
(You must be a royal penguin if you are a princess) ;)

As for Mr P - he's definitely a naughty little Gentoo... :D

See you in game!

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Yes, its me

Post by EmanReleipS » Mon 20. Nov 2017, 22:46

Damn, those highlights are really nice! :O

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Yes, its me

Post by princesspenguina » Sun 31. Dec 2017, 23:58

Ooh, you got me there Xac. I really do look that stylish in person! *ahem*.

Oh, and sorry I haven't been around on the server for a bit - I discovered Skyrim :O