Happy Birthday Daly!

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Happy Birthday Daly!

Post by Hyden » Fri 29. Dec 2017, 14:32

:happybday: The big 26.!!! I started a brand new birthday thread as I don't buy into that "reuse the old one" thing! So have a great day filled with haggis cake & numerous other Scottish delicacies! :mrgreen:

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Happy Birthday Daly!

Post by Gaffer » Fri 29. Dec 2017, 17:02

Happy birthday Daly :partyyy:

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Happy Birthday Daly!

Post by Hawk » Fri 29. Dec 2017, 19:58

Happy Birthday Daly :clap: :yippiiieh: :partyyy:

So emans has to pinch you 26 times olé
Free as a bird

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Happy Birthday Daly!

Post by ThunderCat » Sat 30. Dec 2017, 17:26

Happy belated, Daly-o! :partyyy:

Another year older another new year :clap:


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Happy Birthday Daly!

Post by Cat1981England » Sat 30. Dec 2017, 21:27

Happy womb escape day Dialup :cheers:
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