Hi all, i'm Fission!

Who is who on CEONSS
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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by Fission » Sat 24. Mar 2018, 19:05

"Hi all"... This is my signature everytime i'm entering the most beautifull game in the world! I ththink it's time to introduce myself after all this time.
I am playing this game from the beggining but i discovered onslaught in 2013 when i joined CEONS and i couldn't play anything else from that moment.
As some other players on CEONS i live in Romania near the see. I am 35 yrs old (in just one week) and i work at the only Nuclear Power Plant in Romania. My job is kinda' Hommer Simpson's job :) so the mystery of my nickname is now solved.
So.... Guys.... I just wanted to thank you for all the great battle nights with full server that make my mind disconnect from daily stuffs and think just at the great UT maps!
Thank you all!

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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by Zon3r » Sat 24. Mar 2018, 19:50

Hi Fission, welcome to CEONSS, it's good to see that there are still people registering and introducing themselves

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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by Miauz55555 » Sun 25. Mar 2018, 01:42

Wellcome to the forum Fission! Very nice to play with you.
Nice that you like the maps and the server. We try our best, and you (as all others) are wellcome to help out if you want. Map feedback for example, or just post something in the other sections is very wellcome.

We also have a DiscordServer: https://discord.gg/X4V8THM
And a Steam Groop: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CEONSS

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Re: Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by SysX » Sun 25. Mar 2018, 18:19

Yo welcome to the darkside, here have some cookies muahaha.
WOooHOoo!! »\o\°\O/°/o/«

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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by EmanReleipS » Sun 25. Mar 2018, 18:27

:O That I would live to see this day...!

Who knows, maybe Bisounour will start talking now as well! ;)

Very nice to learn more about you, and I hope to see you a lot both on the server (I think we usually play at different time and miss each other) and here on the forum! :D

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Re: Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by N4rkoT1k » Wed 4. Apr 2018, 15:03

Hey there Fission and welcome!
Perhaps we meet on the server at some point.. enjoy your time and please (for the sake of europe): try to avoid nuclear meltdown! ^^

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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by TESLA » Mon 21. May 2018, 13:16


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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Post by Xac » Wed 23. May 2018, 14:23

Welcome Fission :welcomewagon:

Hope you achieve fusion on CEONSS :lol:
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