Remembering Zon3r's birthday (Sept.28th)

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Remembering Zon3r's birthday (Sept.28th)

Post by Hyden » Fri 28. Sep 2018, 21:25

To our fellow gaming comrade although you are not here with us I hope that somewhere you are able to commemorate your 35th birthday on this day. (Sept.28th) I hope that you merely decided to step away from things for awhile & hope you are still out there somewhere safe. Have a good one is my wish to you. :partyyy:

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Re: Remembering Zon3r's birthday (Sept.28th)

Post by Trackpad » Sat 29. Sep 2018, 11:34

A little late but what counts is that I wish you Zon3r all the very best. I hope that you are fulfilling your dreams and living the life you always wanted. I do remember about you buddy. All the best!

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Remembering Zon3r's birthday (Sept.28th)

Post by Hawk » Sat 29. Sep 2018, 21:22

Happy birthday Zoner, I hope you show up some day alive and well. We miss you :yoman:
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Re: Remembering Zon3r's birthday (Sept.28th)

Post by loucast » Mon 1. Oct 2018, 23:04

Even I miss the ol' magyar. Hope he's just hiding from his wife in a safe house or something.