Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

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Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby insiemes » Sat 28. Sep 2013, 23:42

Finally I have succefuly completed registration process on this forum so here I am. :D
Just the basic Info:
web developer / Split Croatia / born in early 80’s

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Karma_geddon » Sun 29. Sep 2013, 00:26

Welcome! Nice to see you here :D
You can find me on fb here, if you want: https://www.facebook.com/paolo.davolio.3

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Zon3r » Sun 29. Sep 2013, 15:03

Welcome. Zdravo susede

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby GLoups! » Sun 29. Sep 2013, 17:26

Hi man :yoman: ,hope you're hf ,happy fragging

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Cat1981England » Sun 29. Sep 2013, 17:28

Welcome to the forum insiemes :wave:
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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Anik » Sun 29. Sep 2013, 18:16

Heya Insiii :D

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Xac » Mon 30. Sep 2013, 12:44

Hi Incy...good to see you here! :D
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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Sernemissza » Sun 6. Oct 2013, 09:41


I'm glad to see you here!

Seeya on the bridge!

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby Ten » Thu 12. Dec 2013, 23:45

Hi insiemes ! Wellcome

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Re: Hi boyz and girlz (insiemes)

Postby s°rcery » Sun 15. Dec 2013, 13:42

Hey insie, nice to meet you here ^
Sorry I don't speak English (really I speak "FPS-english") but since Translate-Google, I'm multilingual :P (joke) !

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