Happy birthday laboRHEinz

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Re: Happy birthday laboRHEinz

Postby EmanReleipS » Sun 11. Sep 2016, 14:18

:oops: A bit belated, but hope you had a great birthday! :happybday:

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Re: Happy birthday laboRHEinz

Postby ThunderCat » Mon 12. Sep 2016, 01:10

Happy belated, HE-man! ;)

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Re: Happy birthday laboRHEinz

Postby N4rkoT1k » Mon 12. Sep 2016, 05:53

Happy BDay!!!

:yippiiieh: :dancegal:

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Re: Happy birthday laboRHEinz

Postby laboRHEinz » Mon 12. Sep 2016, 20:09

Thanks a lot you all :wave:

I hoped my Bday was unimportant enough to be kept unmentioned though ;)

Thanks for necroing this thread nevertheless, Peg :p I'm fine, thanks for all the well wishes. I hope you're fine as well!

After stepping down I rarely ever played for many months. My job absorbed the time I used to spend for the server, my jogging shoes saw the light of day again and I finally can look through my windows again as I'm able to clean them more regularly :D Ewww... how boring and bourgeois, I know :p So I was trying to get my rusty ass to play a bit lately.

At any rate it's absolutely great to see the server still alive, big thanks to all who contribute, especially to Cat, all of you ingame admins, mods and mappers :thumbup:

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