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Postby Gaffer » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 22:35

Hi everyone.
I am a 20 year old guy who spent his entire life in the middle east but has come to the UK to study. I am studying (and failing miserably at comprehending) maths at uni :smash: . I enjoy sports (football especially) and am a massive fan of just generally wasting time.
I started playing UT just a couple of months ago so I'm going through the compulsory phase of getting my ass handed to me repeatedly by awesome players :bam: . I am a great admirer of sniper-work and therefore spend quite a lot of in-game time marveling at Funky_monk_uk's insane aiming :shock: . I also don't really like getting in tanks or vehicles cause they are less dodgy-dodgy and more kill-y kill-y and plus I'm not very good at using them. I really enjoy playing in the ONS server and think that many of the players are great people :thumbup: and I apologise for sounding so gushy :puke:
The name Gaffer was supposed to be a play on Sam Gamgees old gaffer from LOTR (of which I am a massive fan) but then I found out, rather embarrassingly, that gaffer was a word in its own right. It means boss, and you know what? I'm ok with that :p
Lastly a funny story- when i first started playing I was playing on a sniper server where the snipers were modded beyond belief. I always owned in that and started thinking that i was pretty damn good :angelwings: . Then i joined CEONSS and found out I was/am in fact just about mediocre. Later I realised that the whole time I was playing on the sniper server, I was actually playing against bots set on easy... :shock:
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Re: Gaffer

Postby Astra{CZ} » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 22:40

Heya flying man :ghehe:


cya in game :dancegal:

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Re: Gaffer

Postby [P]etya » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 22:46

Hello and welcome on the forums, Gaffer! :)

Well maths is something which you must practice all the time to become good at it. :) But dunno, I don't really like that subject. In fact I really dislike it. :D

That's not a big problem if you don't like getting in vehicles, because I've seen people who never get in vehicles and they are really fine players. In fact I also like NV maps better, but when I see an Ion Tank I can't resist and I feel "I MUST GET IN" :D. It's kinda fun to use it, reminds me the Glacier assault map.

Well see you on the battlefields, as I usually say. :D

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Re: Gaffer

Postby Anik » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 23:01

Hello Gaff!

You're the one rocketing my face all the time? Oh, yes sir, you are!

But welcome :) :dancegal:

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Re: Gaffer

Postby Karma_geddon » Tue 7. Jan 2014, 23:22

Heeeey Gaf! Welcome to the board and to the server! :D

Don't worry for the ass-kicking. It's a learning phase. I've been there.
And mostly I still am. "^^

I also emphatize with you about the dodgy mode. I definitely find myself more confortable bouncing from wall to wall with a flak cannon in my hand, that inside some slow metal trap.

Cya on the field!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Gaffer

Postby fors » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 00:12

Welcome Gaffer! You quickly learn that you need! I have also learned normally shoot a couple of months(= and control vehicles is almost the same, the main thing to only properly understand their strategic importance. And try fighting with team-mates! from them you also learn a lot.

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Re: Gaffer

Postby Xac » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 00:19

Hi Gaffer,

Good to see you! :welcomewagon:

Sounds like you'll be another one shouting "Bridge, Bridge Bridge!!! During each map voting session!

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Re: Gaffer

Postby EmanReleipS » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 00:24

Hey Gaffer! Nice to see you here as well!

(My recruitment attempts yesterday worked out, it seems. :D)

I know what you mean. I used to play ONS during the day (on different servers) and I was usually among the best. It got boring after a while, until I found CEONSS and I stayed because I can learn so much and challenge myself against the others. Plus, they are amazing and fun people. :D

Have fun at the server and don't let yourself get discouraged by some of the players with insane aim - you're well on your way there as well. :)

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Re: Gaffer

Postby Gaffer » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 00:52

Thanks for the welcome guys. And yes eman you are quite the recruiter (employee of the month :P ). While i will definitely be shouting bridge bridge bridge, i dont mind it when other people get in tanks, i just dont like doing it myself as Astra found out when i jumped out of the gunners seat of a flying thing in mid air for no reason and dying in the fall :lol:
Anik, the way you die because of my rockets is greatly appreciated. I put a lot of effort into homing them on you :twisted:
I will definitely take on board all your comments!

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Re: Gaffer

Postby Dalyup! » Wed 8. Jan 2014, 01:58

Welcome, Gaffer!

Some vehicles require a good deal of sniper work too, such as the Hellbender's rear turret or shooting vehicles out of the air with the Goliath (although I suppose the latter is more prediction). True, you're not as agile as when you're on foot but it I find it can be equally satisfying to shoot a manta out of the air as getting a headshot. Also, don't you just love hearing "Eagle Eye!"?

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