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Postby coconut » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 10:49

Hello. I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. I'm a 26-year old ( :cry: ) male from Dublin, Ireland, who has various alter-egos as a musician, software developer in the games industry and student of chemistry.

My infatuation with Unreal started when I got the demo of Unreal Tournament 99 about 15 years ago. It only had two maps: DM-Morpheus and DM-Phobos. Nonetheless, I was immediately hooked. UT2003 was a disappointment but around 2006, I learned that some mistakes were corrected and the whole experience improved in the glorious Unreal Tournament 2004. What a game. I played almost constantly on a TCP Onslaught server for the better part of a year in 2007. Unfortunately, that server is now offline. A few years later, after a long break, I returned to UT2004, found CEONSS and, well, here I am. I keep coming back because CEONSS is what gaming should be all about: fun. It has a great selection of maps and the atmosphere is very friendly. :tada:


Re: Hello.

Postby [P]etya » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 11:33

Welcome abroad Coconut! :)

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Re: Hello.

Postby ThunderCat » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 13:56

Hello loco coco :D

Glad you found your way back to UT and ceonss --
always good to see new recruits roll in! :weneedyou:

Can't wait to bang your coconuts together on the battlefield! :lol:

Edit: our coconuts*?
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Re: Hello.

Postby Anik » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 14:17

Heya Coconut!

ThunderCat wrote:
Can't wait to bang your coconuts together on the battlefield! :lol:

Lol nubcat :D

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Re: Hello.

Postby Zon3r » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 16:02

Welcome Coco, we hope you will stay for good on this server, we need more players like you :thumbup:

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Re: Hello.

Postby Gollum~*B*~AF » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 17:52

Moin Coco,
welcome! :thumbup:

We all have a v-good feeling here on CEONSS - our small group of admins always try to hold this good behaviour level, ty mate :D

Seeyah ingame :vaderfight:


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Re: Hello.

Postby EmanReleipS » Fri 20. Jun 2014, 19:43

Coconuttyyyy! :yippiiieh:

What a surprise to see you here on the forum! Welcome!


Also...here is the "who stole the coconut?" song I told you about.....


English translation here: http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=3739&c=38

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Re: Hello.

Postby Cat1981England » Sat 21. Jun 2014, 09:13

Coco! welcome to the forum :wave:
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Re: Hello.

Postby Dalyup! » Sat 21. Jun 2014, 22:32

If we get one more of you, we'll have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Anyway, welcome to this definitely innocuous and certainly not corybantic community!

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Re: Hello.

Postby Pegasus » Mon 30. Jun 2014, 17:00

Hmm, I wonder if he's been expelled from the entire public school system :p.

Ah well, in any case, welcome to the msg. board, mr. coconut.

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