Oh hai there

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Re: Oh hai there

Post by [P]etya » Tue 12. Aug 2014, 14:21

Hello and welcome Stein! :D

Well I think you are a decent ONS player. You don't need to be good with Shock or LG in ONS, because it is more about teamwork, strategy and tactics than aim and score. :thumbup:

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Re: Oh hai there

Post by Karma_geddon » Tue 12. Aug 2014, 14:38

Hello Stein and welcome to the board! :D :yippiiieh:
You can find me on fb here, if you want: https://www.facebook.com/paolo.davolio.3

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Re: Oh hai there

Post by Dalyup! » Tue 12. Aug 2014, 14:58


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Re: Oh hai there

Post by s°rcery » Tue 19. Aug 2014, 13:23

Bienvenue Stein' :welcomewagon:
Sorry I don't speak English (really I speak "FPS-english") but since Translate-Google, I'm multilingual :P (joke) !

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Re: Oh hai there

Post by AC WALES » Fri 24. Oct 2014, 20:39

Hi Steiner u ok new to all this so I hope u seen this

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Re: Oh hai there

Post by Steinein » Fri 24. Oct 2014, 21:39

Hey Wales, good to see you on the forums mate, welcome :).

If you want, you can make a new topic and introduce yourself a bit.

See you on the server!