Happy birthday, Wormbo!

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Wormbo » Sun 8. Nov 2015, 09:06

Hmm, somehow missed this thread.

Thanks everyone! :)

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby s°rcery » Mon 16. Nov 2015, 21:32

Sernemissza wrote:Happy Birthday! :cheers:
Sorry I don't speak English (really I speak "FPS-english") but since Translate-Google, I'm multilingual :P (joke) !

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Pegasus » Fri 4. Nov 2016, 20:11

Remember, remember the Fourth of November,
the mapping and Uscripting worm...

Finding a suitable image combining elements from Worms with any kinda V for Vendetta trope proved surprisingly tricky (really, Internet?), so instead I present this fitting wallpaper made by the talented digital painter of videogame scenes Orioto (whose excellent work I've been following over the past year) as a gift.

Happy ++age day, Sir Wormbo :)!

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby ThunderCat » Fri 4. Nov 2016, 21:18

Happy birthday Wormie! :happybday:

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Miauz55555 » Fri 4. Nov 2016, 23:20


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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Cat1981England » Fri 4. Nov 2016, 23:27

Happy birthday Wormbo
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby EmanReleipS » Sat 5. Nov 2016, 18:35

Happy belated Birthday! :partyyy:

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Gaffer » Sun 6. Nov 2016, 20:14

Happy birthday Wormbo!

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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Hawk » Sun 6. Nov 2016, 21:33

Happy Birthday :happybday:
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Re: Happy birthday, Wormbo!

Postby Xac » Tue 8. Nov 2016, 09:32

Oops, missed this one, late to the party again...Happy (late) Birthday wishes Wormy!

:happybday: :partyyy: :cheers:
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