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Post by [RMD]WACKO23 » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 07:01

Hi just wanted to stop by and say hey. and that i really enjoy you'll server keep up the good work
blowing things up is what we do unrealmassdestuction

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Re: Hello

Post by GLoups! » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 10:37

Hello wacky, nice to meet you here, try in the past to play on [un]RealMassDestruction server but the connection is awfull by there.

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Re: Hello

Post by Cat1981England » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 15:26

Welcome to the forum Wacko :wave:
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Re: Hello

Post by -Nick- » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 21:17

Hello Wacko, welcome to the forums :wave:

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Re: Hello

Post by joeblow » Sat 27. Dec 2014, 22:05

Hey Buddy good to see you on!

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Re: Hello

Post by EmanReleipS » Mon 29. Dec 2014, 14:36

So many people signing up and I had nothing to do with it..... :wtf:

:welcomewagon: Wackoooo! Nice to see you here as well! Where are you from, buddy?

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Re: Hello

Post by Gollum~*B*~AF » Fri 30. Jan 2015, 15:51

..did i really forgot to welcome you..?
forgive me mate pls ;)

welcome wack0


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Re: Hello

Post by ThunderCat » Mon 9. Feb 2015, 12:36

Hello Wacko-tobacco! :lol:

Welcome! :dancegal:

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Re: Hello

Post by Hyden » Mon 9. Feb 2015, 22:57

Hi Wacko nice to see you!
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Re: Hello

Post by s°rcery » Wed 11. Feb 2015, 11:00

:welcomewagon: WACKO23
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