Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Who is who on CEONSS
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Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby Rich_Pharmacist » Tue 31. May 2016, 00:21

Hi everybody ! My name is Chris and I am 27 yrs old :wave:
I have played this game when i was 17 from 2005 to 2006, a lot of assault (the demo map) and instagib (bridge of fate and face classic)
Then i went on to study :smartass: so i stopped playing and then reinstalled this game back in 2010. I played onslaught a lot on the tech 32 server and i loved it. I even got banned by an admin, don't remember his name :bam: but he was very kind and he unbanned me :yippiiieh:
When starcraft 2 came out i played it a lot and i stopped playing UT for a while. I was very busy with university up until now, then I decided to reinstall the game and here we are. :wohoo:

There you go sorry for writing too much :stopitnoob:

I just wanted to drop by and tell you all I am very happy to play with you guys, you rock :cheers:

(and yes Ellen Page is beautiful, but you may already know it :loveit: :loveit: )


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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby joeblow » Tue 31. May 2016, 07:54


your crazy!

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby Miauz55555 » Tue 31. May 2016, 17:34


and welcome to the Forum.

Have fun, play fair & don't spam to much. :twisted:

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby Cat1981England » Tue 31. May 2016, 18:44

Welcome to the forum Rich :wave:
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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby N4rkoT1k » Wed 1. Jun 2016, 07:31

Hi there and welcome to the forum :)

I needed to google Ellen Page cause I didn´t know her ^^

Hope to see and frag you soon again!

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby EmanReleipS » Wed 1. Jun 2016, 11:54


Ellen Page regularly plays on our server as well.

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby ]M[ » Wed 1. Jun 2016, 12:18

hey Rich - thanks for joining the forum & introducing yourself! :thumbup:

ps: Ellen's a great player, imo - but careful what you say about her in public, as I hear she uses a variety aliases when she visits CEONSS ;)

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby ThunderCat » Sun 12. Jun 2016, 18:31

Hello Rich! :wave:

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby smalltown » Mon 13. Jun 2016, 23:15

Welcome Chris!!!
:firedevil: :firedevil: STOMBOTOWN :firedevil: :firedevil: :machinegun: :cool2cool: :yoman:

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Re: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Postby Hawk » Sun 26. Jun 2016, 11:20

Welcome pharma :clap:

Omg we have a forum :thumbup:

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