XION aka X-Guild

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XION aka X-Guild

Postby Zon3r » Thu 8. Sep 2016, 12:50

Last night his behavior was a bit disruptive ingame, it falls into the category of sabbing, namely taking my vehicles on purpose multiple times and considering it extremely fun, while himself not really trying to help his team. He has shown his lack of common sense before, when thinking advertising other servers is perfectly normal . no, i'm not asking for any form of punishment for him(that's why i posted here and not in the reports and ban forum), all i would like if someone, preferably an admin would explain to him, what's wrong with the way he 'plays", that having a teammate who intentionally plays bad or is sabbing, is worse than having one player less. on silva we had two matches(quick rounds), both times, right at the start of the match, he did not go to build nodes, but followed me and took my raptor. Also here is the demo of the match on silva, with him stealing my ride and not building nodes, but simply being around me to annoy. Also 3 videos, one from barracks, and two from silva the first time he took my raptor from 2 angles. please someone tell him to play. thank you in advance


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Re: XION aka X-Guild

Postby [P]etya » Thu 8. Sep 2016, 17:10

Such people are jerks. Even if you tell them to behave normally they just won't. Just hit him with the banhammer. :D

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Re: XION aka X-Guild

Postby Cat1981England » Thu 8. Sep 2016, 20:56

Fair enough.

One of the admins will have a word with him next time he's on.
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