Allow me to introduce myself

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Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Ozimandias » Sun 23. Oct 2016, 19:15

Hi people, I'm Ozimandias. I guess you saw me noobing around in CEONSS since a couple of months. Forgive my rudeness for not introducing myself before: you don't blow someone's head without even letting him know your name. So... here I am.

I'm Alessandro, 24 years old from Rome. I'm a Chemistry student, musician (a bad one) and other uninteresting stuff. I like Science, Progressive Rock and Electronic music, asian food and SciFi books. I spent my childhood playing the first UT (was it 1999?) and a couple of months ago I decided to try a newer one (basically because my UT1999 CD broke). Finding out that there were still active servers in UT2004 was such a big discovery, like I always lived my life the wrong way. Why having a social life, when you can "EagleEye" people in their raptors? Why struggling in real life, when there are a lot of powernodes that awaits to be constructed?

Talking about the game: I really hate BioRifles (I never collected one single kill with one of those), Biotanks (that are basically giant BioRifles, so the incarnation of pure evil) and I'm bad with flying stuff (but I'm pretty good in tearing them down :machinegun: ). I also lack good aiming skills and I'm to lazy to dodge properly... well, I think I have some hidden talent somewhere... very well hidden, though.

So... I have been boring enough for today. I wish you a good evening/morning/night/whatever. I hope to see you on the field! :cheers:

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby EmanReleipS » Sun 23. Oct 2016, 20:01

Hey Ozi! :welcomewagon:

Welcome to CEONSS! It's always amazing to see new players or old players returning to this game after many years.

So, do you like God is an Astronaut? Feel free to post some music in our MusicBox thread.

And I hate stepping on the green poo (= bio) or getting hit with it in the face. Can't decide if I hate it more or less than spider mines and my life slowly being chipped away by miniguns, though.

See you on the server!

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Miauz55555 » Sun 23. Oct 2016, 20:15

Wellcome Ozimandias,

I really like to lay minefields and throw that Bio goo right into the face of the players.. I also like to minigun players.
Feel free to post everything you like.. also feedback.

Play fair and have fun.

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Cat1981England » Sun 23. Oct 2016, 21:03

Hey Oz, nice intro.

Welcome to the forum :wave:
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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Gaffer » Mon 24. Oct 2016, 07:52

Hey Ozi, it's great to see you on the forum! :wave:
Biorifles are great, the green goop is a sure-fire way to kill anyone standing on a node and simultaneously mentally tilt them off the planet. :muahaha:

Your aim is pretty good, with a little more practice you can become a truly fearsome player. GL HF.

PS: Usage of a Minigun is known to cause early ageing and can often lead to a hideous debilitating death. Just don't do it kids. :nono:

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby N4rkoT1k » Mon 24. Oct 2016, 10:02

Hi there Ozimandias!

Was not online for the last months so I didn´t see you yet but prepare to die once I return :)

Have fun on the server!

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Dalyup! » Tue 25. Oct 2016, 20:40

Welcome Ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!

Glad to have you on the server to receive my green shit. Its toxicity is indeed very mighty but generally, I find, if you stay away from nodes you can avoid them easy enough since they are hard to hit directly but their splash damage radius appears to be very large.

Also, heed Gaffer's postscript lest you are put prematurely down under.

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby ThunderCat » Thu 27. Oct 2016, 22:51

Hi there ho there hey there! :wave:

Nice gettin' to know ya a little better :thumbup:
And welcome to the forums! :dancegal:

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself

Postby Hyden » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 15:31

Welcome to the forum! I never used to like the Biogun but I like how the secondary function lays down a kind of bio mine that explodes after a few minutes. :mrgreen:

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