Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Who is who on CEONSS
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Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby Hydro » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 09:09

heeey guys :D

i'm Hydro (with capital H :p ) and i'm joining from Asia-Iran ,a fair-player :bam: lighing gun specialist :machinegun: shock-combo wizard :cool2cool: with a huge delay on ping :C ( due to country ISP local IP proxy'ing ) :dunnosoz: i love playing UT2004 :loveit: and now i'm back after 5 yrs to the killing floor :twisted: never been on ceons b4 but i liked the CEONSS because of their fair-play and friendly admins and other awesome players :thumbup: i hope we have great time playing together ( killing eachother :firedevil: ripping eachother apart :faceslap: doing head shots with tank shell :nuts: uuuh! i feel gangstaa :mrgreen: )

and... 1 question :blahblah: i asked guys in server but no answer :dammit: can anyone plz tell me how is that slap thing activated in bi*chslap map ? :ghehe: :newbie:

loved most of the maps specially stone-wall :readit:

nice to meet u guys and see you on dance floor :dancegal: love love love :yoman: :luvu:

Peace :yippiiieh:

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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby N4rkoT1k » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 09:46

Hey Hydro!

Glad that you tune in. We love to see new faces on the server :)
That slap on the bi*chslap map is just timed I guess (though I might be wrong)
Stonewall is one of my favourite maps as well!

Hope to see and frag you soon on the server!
Enjoy your time around

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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby Gaffer » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 10:10

Hey Hydro! :welcomewagon:

The slapper on bitchslap is in a secret room inside a secret room (inception :wtf: )

Basically the wall in the middle of the map has a secret entrance right in the middle. Then within that wall there is another secret room where the button for the slapper can be found. I won't give you exact directions, you'll have to do some exploring yourself; I really don't like the slapper being on the map tbh, it is really annoying - especially when people start spamming it.

Anyway, nice to see you here! :wave:

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Postby Hydro » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 12:57

thnx n4rkot1k and gaffer :D

i remember u gaff ! u r amazing player :thumbup:

i've found that room :mrgreen: ( followed some guys in da wall and it ended a room with double damage then i got killed :slurrp: ) :wohoo: yea!! agree ! slap thing is really annoying when its spammed :blahblah:

admins would you plz add that beautiful '' supa mega boom boom deemer '' of spankjox map (if i'm right :think: ) on every map :D its really beautiful neva seen it b4! naaaa kiddin' :p

nice to meet you guys :luvu: c u on da server :yougit: :cheers:

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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby ThunderCat » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 14:43

Hail Hydra! OH! .. I mean .. hey Hydro! :wave:
Old habits die hard :lol: jk*

Nice to see you on the forums -- and welcome! :thumbup:
I see you are a fellow fan of Stonewall -- looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield :firedevil:

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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby Hyden » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 15:29


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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby Miauz55555 » Fri 28. Oct 2016, 18:37

Hi Hydro,

wellcome to the forum.

Play fair and have fun. :twisted:

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Re: Hi everyone :) this is Hydro <3

Postby ]M[ » Sat 29. Oct 2016, 15:58

Welcome, Hydro!

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