Happy birthday Sernemeow!

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Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby ThunderCat » Thu 8. Dec 2016, 09:04

Happy birthday Sernemissza! :partyyy:

I know you haven't been super active on the forums as of late -- but in case you get this -- I hope you're doing well :)
Anyhoots, have a good one! :cheers:


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Re: Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby Cat1981England » Thu 8. Dec 2016, 19:04

Happy birthday Sern :cheers:
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Re: Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby Miauz55555 » Thu 8. Dec 2016, 20:05


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Re: Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby N4rkoT1k » Fri 9. Dec 2016, 14:46

Happy birthday dude!
I hope you enjoy your time :)

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Re: Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby Hawk » Fri 9. Dec 2016, 20:50

Happy birthday serne, hope to see you soon again on the server

:yoman: :cheers:
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Happy birthday Sernemeow!

Postby Sernemissza » Thu 8. Jun 2017, 17:51

Well, I let it deliberately emptily my birthday record, so i'm busted now... :crazy:
Alright, i'm not really mad, i knew it can happen after what happened with the boss! :lol:
Still it was a half year ago...
I asked a friend what can i do, so he told me just sneak in, then hit the thumbs up button, and leave silently.
Since this forum doesn't has like buttons... thanks anyway, Dave!

Just kidding of course. I was away, so busy with the WoW, but i had return.
I'm fine, doing a little better on my new workplace.
I live like the cats, and i don't care about the rug rats.

Thank you everyone!

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