Get well soon Hawk!

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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by Hyden » Tue 7. Mar 2017, 22:41

Hawk dropped by the server tonight (Tuesday night my time zone but Wednesday over there!) but it was a particularly slow night so not many of us were around to see him. He's home from surgery anyway. I did get to talk to him a bit (I won't divulge details as it's his personal life!) but I wanted to wish him well and hopefully a speedy recovery! Personally almost any kind of surgery scares the crap outta me so I was just cringing hearing some of what he experienced!

Anyway, get well soon Hawk, we're not just gamers we're humans too & I care about you guys a lot. :luvu:

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Re: Get well soon Hawk!

Post by Miauz55555 » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 11:13


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Re: Get well soon Hawk!

Post by SysX » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 13:18

Get well buddy <3
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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by Xac » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 15:55

Hope it went ok & hope you get well soon Hawk!
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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by Cat1981England » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 17:25

Get well soon Hawky :thumbup:
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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by EmanReleipS » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 18:32

Get better soon!

I don't actually know which surgery it is, but I can't resist:

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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by Hawk » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 21:01

Thx all, everything feels sensitive right now and will be for a few days apparently, max 2 weeks. Just letting you also know that I will prob stay in hospital from sunday evening for about a week to start insuline threatment. So no operation this time. I will get confirmation on friday or saturday so it's not 100 procent sure yet.

So don't panic if you don't see me online next week lol . I will be back (said that with the terminator accent)

Thx for the get well wishes :o)
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Get well soon Hawk!

Post by ThunderCat » Fri 10. Mar 2017, 08:10

Welp, that sounds like reassuring news to me! :thumbup:

Take care of yourself, buddy -- and keep us updated :)