New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.

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New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.

Postby Miauz55555 » Sun 8. Oct 2017, 11:13

I have.. and it's all in german now, but the 4 extra blocks (new, active..) on the top (but that's ok).
I don't have that posting bug, never had it often, but I may have to say that my cookies and all other things are cleared everytime I close the browser.

What I still have is that I don't get any e-mail notifikations (yes all are checked correctly).. the normal forum notifications are working.. I tryed it with a few mail adresses..,, .. all the same.. when sending a Mail via forum the "send kopie to my mail" thing is working fine.

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Re: New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.

Postby Pegasus » Sat 13. Jan 2018, 18:50

Been reading numerous articles throughout this week about how much attention the Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs and their fixes have been given by big tech industry players (and for good reason), and what the performance impact of addressing 'em might be. Although it might be a bit early, I was wondering what the admin team's take and strategy on the issue might be going forward?
Assuming I'm not misremembering any more recent developments and that CEONSS13 is still the server's current hardware configuration, the stated Core i5 3570K is an Ivy Bridge processor and not a (later) Haswell or Broadwell class CPU, both of which Intel currently recommends holding off on applying relevant microcode patches for. To my knowledge, the linux community's already got some patches circulating on the issue as well, although I can't readily say how applicable they might be in this case. TiA for any clarification.

While I'm bumping this thread (and perhaps wrongly too - should we have a different thread for non-msg. board-specific bugs?), could we also get an update on the HTTPS certificate issue? At the risk of invoking Current Year Argument, there are some concerning security implications for logging into, say, the board's ACP on a non-secure connection, especially when away from home, in this day and age. Thanks again.

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