CEONSS' 10 year anniversary

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CEONSS' 10 year anniversary

Post by mikel » Mon 4. Nov 2019, 19:40

EmanReleipS wrote:
Mon 9. Sep 2019, 22:58
... to many more years together! :cheers:

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CEONSS' 10 year anniversary

Post by Pegasus » Tue 5. Nov 2019, 07:14

Thank you to everyone who helped out during the Halloween Zombie Maps escape situation!

With your participation, the rampaging beasts were finally worn out and recaptured, and they are now safely headed back to CEONSS lockdown, where they belong. Maps previously incapacitated during the breakout have also been cleared for duty by our modding staff and are now ready to resume their previous place on the roster, too.

There is, of course, one other item of interest to talk about.

As most of you have no doubt already noticed, the CEONSS roster is being infused with a growing number of 2019CAE-suffixed edits these days. Justifiably, this development has got some people wondering as to what purpose, scope and impact to previously established versions of replaced maps this plan might aim for. Well, this newfound, post-wrangling calm seems as good a time as any to explain, so here's what's going on.

All these 2019CAE entries are Anniversary Edit(ion)s of maps that can be considered highlights of the server's 10-year history in curating (and later also producing) ONS content, both in terms of popularity and gameplay quality as understood at the time; the C can stand for "classic" or "community" or CEONSS itself, it's up to you, really. The absence of the -C tag in their filename is intentional, as that tag has become the server's established seal of quality approval.
The CAE maps should not be understood to be the result of the slower, more collaborative/deliberative usual process used to produce upgrades that typically remain on the roster until an even better edit succeeds them months or years later. Instead, this growing commemorative batch aims to preserve most of the old maps' quirks, warts and other peculiarities - in other words, to respect their overall "vision" and offer an as-is experience of them - while offering the minimal usability "safety net" of upgraded n' fully stocked lockers, link beam-catching nodes, and scorpions that aren't deathtraps on wheels, so as to soften any potential "culture shock" for newer members who might never have played those classics before. Think of them as antique cars that got a soapy water scrub, after spending years inside a dusty garage, before they can participate in a weekend rally event :).
Their intended presence on the roster is similarly short in scope: they'll grow as a set for a bit more and as fast as we can crank 'em out, each replacing a counterpart if one's already on the roster, and remain there until the end of the server's 10-year anniversary celebrations on November 23rd. After that, all of them will get pulled back. Antique cars aren't fit for everyday commute, after all.

In case anyone's wondering whether the point of all this effort is to just manufacture some entirely ephemeral n' disposable nostalgia bait, the answer is a twofold no.
For one thing, a community reaching 10 years of presence in gaming is a remarkable achievement, and, in our book, every member who's been along for most (or all) of this journey is entitled to a celebratory effort befitting that sense of pride and joy. By this logic alone, it's worth being able to hop across fond memories of matches and good times of old with edits that convey a simple message: "Hey, remember me? Wanna have another go, for old times' sake?" It's a gesture of appreciation to every oldschooler still around, and maybe an education to younger fragmates, too :p.
For another, although hastily assembled and with plenty of quirks still left in 'em (perhaps even because of that), some of these maps could still spark further interest in our community's modders to roll up their sleeves and do some proper, modern CEONSS standards-abiding work on 'em so that they can legitimately claim a spot on the server's roster. Constructive feedback offered ingame or on this msg.board's CEONSS Public Server section could also influence things in terms of some of those maps making an actual comeback, so don't hesitate to speak up if you care or have some applicable suggestions about 'em.

With the CAE concept now hopefully clear, over a dozen of 'em already out, and perhaps another dozen in the works, all that remains to say is enjoy, have a good time and thank you for sticking with us!

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CEONSS' 10 year anniversary

Post by ]M[ » Mon 11. Nov 2019, 08:23

Great to see these classics on the server again :thumbup: ...have had some really good, fun games the past week or so, notably with Crossfire and the pre-tankmeup version of Nevermore - didn’t get to play Dawn, but will hopefully get a chance still this week!

I’ve always hoped we could keep the classics on the server, though with the few necessary updates for contemporary public ONS, eg: the upgraded weapons lockers - it’s a good intro for newcomers, brings back quite a few old faces and helps to bridge the generational gap... ;)

Much thanks and props to all involved, as ever, for their work in keeping CEONSS a fun & fair server - and, of course: Happy Birthday! :clap: