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New Boss

Post by Cat1981England »

Good news girls and boys!

I'm standing down as administrator to spend more time editing, while Eman has very, VERY kindly agreed to take over ownership of the server and become our new god queen. This should be a much better use of skills/time and result in a better server for us all.

She has done a fantastic job whatever the task over the years, moving up through the ranks and i can think of no one better to take the server forward.

I'm sure you will all give her lots of positive and constructive help going forward, whether that's by playing fair on the server, getting your friends and family in the game or contributing here on ze for um :readit:

If any of you are planing to make a donation to help cover some of the server cost, you can still use our current donation button and i'll pass it on to Eman until she has her own setup (which is a royal pain in the arse).

Thank you to everyone who has helped me out over the last couple of years, especially Eman for standing up every time CEONSS needed someone to :yippiiieh:
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New Boss

Post by widurr »

The King is dead, long live the King! :partyyy:
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New Boss

Post by Zon3r »

All Hail Ema, the new queen!
(Her first job was to fire Cat :) )

ps: Wid, i think you mean "Long live the Queen"
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Re: New Boss

Post by SysX »

All bow to Ema our new overlord.
WOooHOoo!! »\o\°\O/°/o/«
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New Boss

Post by widurr »

Zon3r wrote: ps: Wid, i think you mean "Long live the Queen"
naah, saying it like that would sound more like a sudden end to marital problems rather than succession of power :mrgreen:
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New Boss

Post by ThunderCat »

I hate to see you go -- but I love to watch you leave ;) *wink*
j/k ^

Bad jokes aside -- this is an end of an era -- and you've done a tremendous job as chief administrator :award:

I'm confident Eman will do a tremendous job as well -- as she has already shown great promise :clap:

Anyways, you take a well deserved rest from your online duties now, cya around Big Man

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Re: New Boss

Post by N4rkoT1k »

Hey Ema :)

Keep it clean please in case I return to the server at some point xD
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New Boss

Post by Hawk »

Sad to see the Boss go, well not really go ofcourse. Thx Cat for keeping the server up and running after Heinz, :clap: :yippiiieh: you did a great job. Good luck with the map editing

And ofcourse a big congratulation to Emansky that she is willing to take over the server. I am sure she will be a very good Emanboss :D :welcomewagon: (She will probably confisquate all my Belgian chocolates :shock: :mrgreen: )
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Re: New Boss

Post by Hyden »

Cat....thank you for all you have done.

Ema, congrats, you're a fine person for the role of high server overlord!
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New Boss

Post by Pegasus »

Cat leaving and Ema assuming ownership of the server, huh? In that case, inb4:

- "A CatExit, you say? The insolence! The ball-faced cheek! This slight to our prestige shall not go unpunished! Commence with the two-year torture of belaboured negotiations! Make him rue the day he thought he could scorn us! RUEEEEEE!"
- "The skies turn red, a hurricane hits Europe, and then the CEONSS owner just so happens to be stepping down? How long will 'they' keep feeding us the lie that these events were random and unrelated when it's obvious this is merely the latest step in the unfolding CEONSSpiracy? Wake up sheeple!!11"
- "The server administered by a woman? A WOMAN?!?" Cue hisses, climbing up the wall backwards, then head turning around 180 degrees n' mouth opening to let loose a swarm of killer wasps.

...all of which would totally be considered nuanced and reasonable responses, of course :).

Still, perhaps a slightly different perspective might be in order to account for these momentous events, and, to that end, I'd ask you kindly indulge me for a few lines in cribbing borrowing a reference I came upon a while back that stayed with me and, I believe, handily fits the bill here.
"Inscribed on Captain Nemo's dinnerware in Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is the motto Mobilis in mobile, which can be translated as 'moving within [a] thing that moves' or, more simply, 'changing with[in] change.' I think it's as good a motto for [our circumstances] as it is for the Captain of the Nautilus.[...]"
No better way to convey the crux of the situation: the UT environment is ever-changing, and the server needs to keep growing and adapting alongside that in order to stay fit for purpose, too - it's simply a matter of survival.

Assuming I'm not misremembering, Heinz brought CEONSS online in early November 2009 and he concluded his tenure after four and a half years in April 2014, turning over the reins to Cat, who, in turn, remained in charge for three and a half years, up until October 2017. If it seems like I'm waxing arithmetical minutia here, it's only to get to the point that the role of owner, administrator and ultimate decision-maker about virtually everything that goes on around CEONSS is probably harder and more demanding n' complicated than most people realize, even if rewarding and fulfilling on occasion too. Doesn't matter how dedicated or patient any newcomer boss is, the workload will inevitably break 'em down, chew 'em up and spit 'em out, leaving 'em yearning for some much-needed downtime by the end; and the figures show that the more complex the task becomes, the faster this process gets. Not stating this to alarm, attempt to predetermine the next Admin's likely stint duration or with an aim to prejudice anyone favourably to Administrators, mind; I merely want to offer a wider perspective here, in part gleaned from observing things from the inside track since the beginning. But let's get into Cat specifically now.

Small "sausage factory" peek: when I want to break down n' address some particularly multi-faceted topic in a paragraph, I'll usually leave its skeleton open while doing other stuff in my day, and return to it to stick in a relevant part, point or phrase whenever it pops into my mind (it rarely all comes to me in one go when I sit down to write). Even with this approach, it took a while before the following all fell into place for me, and I'm still not sure it conveys a full account of all the work done during the last 3.5 years. Be that as it may, if anyone's looking for an explanation as to why our second admin might've burned brighter, but didn't last as long as the first, consider below Cat's track record as the CEONSS Boss:

- acquired much of the needed knowledge and craftsmanship to edit maps on his own, and continued doing so through most of his tenure
- led an unprecedented roster expansion n' improvement charge through concerted efforts of numerous CEONSS community editors, as well as by personally making dozens of edits/remakes/rebuilds: the -C- suffix/tag map labeling was mainly his institution, and a quick glance at the redirect's file list now shows 39 -C.ut2 suffixes and another 83 -C- mid-filename tags, for a total of 122 map edits, stretching from Jan. 31st 2015 to two weeks ago; even by a conservative estimate of at least a third of those being his own work, it's a record unmatched by any other Admin or community contributor!
- pursued ingame experience and server stability improvement by helping the iterated development of relevant mods through engagement, testing and feedback - EvenMatch being the obvious example here, but ChristmasDecorationV3.u and SmarterBots.u also come to mind
- expanded the server staff and modified the hierarchy towards a more flat/democratic scheme, giving all staffers voice and vote on all server management departments
- assiduously pursued Rules and Anti-Cheat enforcement with an emphasis on preserving and spreading a sportsmanlike spirit among members (out of the 45 listed sanctions, 21 are for behaviour-related offenses), while maintaining courteous social relations with other servers and not attracting potential troublemakers (no hacking incidents or cross-community drama outbreaks during an admin's tenure is nothing to sneeze at; speaking from first-hand experience around other places)
- expanded n' enhanced the theoretical framework for evaluating and managing roster content, upgraded standards and principles were introduced for the balanced benefit of all playstyle preferences
- first steps taken towards big data[-esque] stats collecting and crunching, giving access to more metrics and, thereby, a bigger picture to test n' [dis]prove theories against; more has already been proposed n' planned based on these and other ideas to improve content eval. assessment
- oversaw a knowledge spreading initiative, leading to a more UEd-fluent server staff than ever before and more active n' involved community editors
- fostered community strengthening and UT cross-community outreach projects, like the Match Server events Ema arranged for regulars and the CEONSS vs. Omni matches Miauz organized, among other things
- upgrades to server hardware n' software, message board, customization and all the knowledge gathering that goes with that; wading into the marsh that is comparing, picking the best, regularly measuring service quality and generally dealing with server hosts (fun!)
- considerate enough to leave behind about a dozen guides and how-tos for help n' reference to future staff
- transparent, kind and humane management of community Donations
- laid foundations for server promotion through the CEONSS Steam group and built up from there to current 215 members
- a reckless disregard for personal time, money, and sanity :p

And that's only the stuff I remember having been privy to!

To some the fact sheet above might come across as a bit of dry reading, but the reality it belies is how grueling and soul-grinding a task staying on top of so many spinning plates at all times can be. Take it from a close observer, personally investing time and effort to make new content that will hopefully appeal to others' tastes (or philosophical obsessions!); addressing administrative criticisms, dissatisfaction, or the occasional baseless accusation or bickering incident day in and week out; tracking stats, measuring performance and fretting over dwindling numbers for years on end, at the same time also caring to live up to what different subgroups have come to expect from the content you're responsible for curating - while juggling a personal and professional life outside of this whole online escapism bubble, let's not forget; can all take an immense toll on anyone's enthusiasm about, or even ongoing basic interest in, a pastime such as this. Somehow, though, Cat always managed to rise up to the challenge, and remain as stiff upper-lipped, cooperative, understanding, and selfless about it as one would expect, if not more.
Most importantly, he was willing to step up and assume the burden of devoting the time, resources and effort, to gain the knowledge and master the required crafts necessary so as to extend the life of a project that still means something to all of us here, delivering it after 3 and a half years safe and sound, operational and even improved in a number of ways to his successor. With that in mind, and even though he'd sometimes remake or reskin your favourite maps for no apparent reason (:p), there's no doubt about it: the man gave it 100%, emphatically proving himself a worthy heir to Heinz' legacy and then some. For that he's definitely earned a debt of gratitude, at least from me, and the much deserved respite he'll now presumably be enjoying. One can only hope for CEONSS to be as lucky with his successor. Fortunately for this community, that's Ema.

It's probably a telling sign of someone's future trajectory here when they manage to attract administrative attention for all the right reasons from early on in their participation around CEONSS, so this last factoid that jumped at me while trying to understand the underlying trends in staff changes should help answer any lingering questions to the tune of "but why her?" when it comes to Ema's being chosen, and agreeing, to be the new owner: of the 12 non-launch community members that have been deemed to be best suited to become staffers and subsequently got picked up by the administrative claw (all hail The Claw!), Ema's addition was arguably the quickest on the books, having been a msg. board member for only 9 months prior to that - a record since topped only once by Miauz, who got picked up on his sixth month (note to future self: hint, hint).
Her ability to act as connective tissue and keep finding new n' effective ways to bring the community further together has only improved since her July 2014 g.mod anointment, and her drive to keep things fair, friendly and skill-based ingame, as well as in terms of discussing policy, has been unwavering too. To my knowledge she may not be too UEd-inclined, but that was never an obstacle for Heinz, let's not forget, and, besides, these days the new CEONSS Boss is probably flanked by twice as many staffers who are competent editors - active and retired alike - for that to even make a lick o' difference. What matters most in terms of content management is an experienced, critical eye, seeking out and identifying core gameplay potential or flaws in prospective content. From my own observations of her input over the years, I can personally vouch for Ema being able to cut through ten layers of fluff n' bullshit to get right to the core of most any map she's devoted time to pull apart and analyze - a honed trait I hadn't had the pleasure to see in a fellow staffer since lilalurl (and I don't think he was particularly familiar with the ways of the Editor either, heh).
Beyond that, she's also a competent diplomat, knows how (and, equally importantly, to whom) to delegate tasks, and, even though I understand Ema's coming up to an important juncture career-wise in her life, making the ownership handover a bit more of a high wire act than it needed to be IMO, the compounded support in manpower and amassed knowledge from previous collective experience is such among the staff, as is strong the CEONSS tradition of past and current staffers helping a new Boss out in any way they can, that all this together should ensure the change proves friction-less to the community.

At any rate, and to begin wrapping up on this hopefully inspiring note, I'd like to thank Ema for offering to assume the responsibility of running the server, and in doing so prolong this game[type]'s life that much longer for all to enjoy. Even if the server's aforementioned accelerated rate of burning through Admins does continue to be a steady trend, with any luck CEONSS will still manage to stick around long enough to celebrate its tenth birthday, and observe UT2004's 15th anniversary in 2019, so those are tangible goals we can strive and help each other to reach.
On a customary tangent, I'd also like to thank everyone else who'll be helping her carry out this hard-as-hell, seemingly Sisyphean task, too, while I'm at it, and this goes for non-staff community members as well! I fully intend to keep banging on about this point, and these latest changes aptly demonstrate it too, that CEONSS is still your server and it can be what you lot make of it and what you put into it; most people here are chuffed n' eager to share craftsmanship skills or otherwise help get projects off the ground, so don't be afraid to step up, ask around and engage with anyone you feel might be able to help you learn more! The next server Admin is most likely among those that are rolling up their sleeves right now to try out some new mapping idea, or working alongside them to improve on this great, endlessly expansive game.
And since I can't seem to be able to help myself from making references to Pete Townshend's songs at times like this, no, for obvious reasons I won't be wondering if the new boss will be the same as the old boss; instead, I think I'll cycle back to the point I started this rant with: only way for CEONSS to survive and keep going is for the music to change. That's what this is all about.

PS: I didn't wish Heinz good luck when he retired 'cause I knew he's tenacious n' competent enough to make his own damn luck. I think I also won't be wishing Cat a calm n' relaxing change of pace in the new farm life he'll be embarking on soon, because I just so happen to know what kinda meticulous, fiddly n' ever-tinkering sort of basta fellow he is, so I doubt he'll be able to park his arse on a rocking chair for too long before ideas start to percolate n' run around in his head again :p. When those impulses do return and the allure of the UEd shed gets too strong to ignore though, know that I'll be happy, and honoured, to collab with you on any project you decide to pitch my way, at a more relaxed schedule. Hell, I even got a couple o' ideas of my own in store for just such an occasion. Till then, happy trails, and thanks for everything :).
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