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Epic Stat Server

Postby Pegasus » Wed 14. Feb 2018, 20:45

Reminder that it's now been a staggering three weeks since the UT2004stats subdomain outage, with Epic remaining silent and doing nothing about it.

While restoring the UDN knowledge base (now renamed to UDK) might be attributed to the self-serving PR function it conceivably plays for the company, showcasing some of the compounded knowledge on offer to [prospective] clients and therefore the implied pedigree of the Unreal Engine, UT2004stats has arguably only ever constituted a valuable resource to the playing community. As such, its ongoing state of disrepair not only represents an encumbrance to still active UT server staffers and modders seeking insights from daily activity stats in order to improve their content, but, combined with the tepid response and minimal attention to the issue the UT community has managed to muster all this time, IMO it also bears the pragmatic risk of being invoked in future internal considerations at Epic when the conversation inevitably shifts to ditching the rest of the "legacy baggage" and moving on. Top on that list will no doubt be the two Master Servers keeping UT2004 alive.

Act now to lend your voice and raise the necessary ruckus for this to get fixed or, through inaction, you may as well already start coming to terms with your own responsibility in the upcoming end of UT2004 as an ongoing, official concern for Epic. The choice is yours.

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Epic Stat Server

Postby laboRHEinz » Thu 15. Feb 2018, 00:07

Great plea, Peg, I do support every word whole-heartedly :thumbup:
Folks, it's bloody time to raise our voices :weneedyou:
Tried to contact Flak via PM but it's prevented there. Hmmm :think:

BTW, wasn't able to spot your post there, Peg. Your wording is great (as always, honestly), would be really helpful if you'd post there, too :thumbup:

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