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Post by EmanReleipS »

I'm excited to announce that -Nick- has decided to return to the CEONSS' admin team.

He used to be on the admin team and left to focus on his Real Life (whatever that is), but it was obvious he still greatly cared for this server. I'm very happy that he is willing to volunteer his time, energy and sanity again.

Welcome back! :partyyy:
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Post by Gollum~*B*~AF »

.. :thumbup:

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Re: New Admin

Post by Hyden »

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Post by ThunderCat »

Hooray! :partyyy:

I missed the announcement -- but noticed the name on the servers in-game 'About'-panel :thumbup:
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Post by Hawk »

Welcome back as admin Nick :dancegal: :yippiiieh:
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Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

Hey all -Nick- here.

Just a quick post to say I've changed my in-game name back to what it was originally when i first joined this community.

See y'all in-game.
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Post by TESLA »

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Post by Droopy_Bollocks »

Bloody hell, The return of the Monk!

Free HS's for all! 😂
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